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Let's Talk Turkey!


The week before Thanksgiving is a great time to learn about turkeys!  We pair fiction and nonfiction texts to keep the kids engaged so that the pre-holiday crazies don't trot in.  :) 

To get started we had the kids record their schema on the Turkey Trouble recording sheet.
Then, we read the nonfiction book about turkeys from our November Guiding Readers unit.  
We recorded the new information we learned on our Let's Talk Turkey chart. 

We snipped the top off of a paper bag to make our adorable turkey fact holders.  They wrote the facts that they learned on index cards and "stuffed" them inside their turkeys.  Did you see what I did there? Get it? Stuffed turkeys.  I crack myself up.  ha!

These are the recording sheets they used to record their schema and one new thing that they learned.



A close up of our adorable stuffed turkeys.

Their turkey facts.  They drew a picture on one side and wrote the sentence on the other.


Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Leonardo the Terrible Monster

Leonardo the Terrible Monster is one of my very favorite books to read at Halloween time! The kids love it and it's so much fun compare and contrast the characteristics of Leonardo from the beginning and end of the story. 

Here's a peek at some of the work we do in class! All of these printables are included in the Guiding Readers pack for November (2nd Edition)

Over the course of a 5 day lesson plan, we look closely at the text. In this way, we can dive deeper into the text and move beyond the superficial understanding of the story.





Here's some of the character work we do. I love to turn it into a bulletin board display. These Leonardo craftivities turn out so cute!


And here's another creativity we do to show our learning! It includes retelling cards to help students work on summarizing.


As time goes by, you will notice that your students will incorporate these comprehension strategies with every book they read and every book that is read to them! It is infectious! Soon your students will retell a story with ease. And you won't be surprised when they are making predictions and connections like a pro! Your students will love revisiting this text again and again!

All of our Guiding Readers units are wonderful because this resource will save you hours of work because EVERYTHING is all planned out in easy to follow lesson plans and the materials are included for you! Just PRINT and TEACH!
Each week focuses on one book and takes you through a variety of lessons to get your kids reading like never before. 

If you'd like the lessons and activities for Leonardo the Terrible Monster, plus the resources for 3 other stories to use during the month of October, you can read more here!

Pirates! (Set the Stage to Engage)

Did you know that National Talk Like a Pirate Day is this Monday, September 19th? I've got you covered with this Set the Stage to Engage unit all about PIRATES!!! This unit is also perfect for kicking off the year with a pirate theme, teaching -ar, or it can be used as an End of the Year celebration. This unit is packed full of literacy, math, and science fun.

Here are some pictures that Holly Ehle took of this pirate unit in action:

First, we "flip" the classroom so it looks like our students are going on a real pirate adventure. This increases student engagement because they are automatically excited to learn and participate in the lessons.

Next, we make costumes.  These are super easy and super cheap! We have all of the directions and patterns in our pirate unit. 

 I think this picture shows the high levels of engagement going on. As students are working on their math, STEM projects, writing assignments, etc. they are focused and excited about what they are learning. 

We played a fun Walk the Plank game to review some of things we've learned.  SO FUN!  {All of the pieces for this game are included in our unit}

And look how cute the pirate glyphs turned out!

Here's another pic of the glyphs that shows how I displayed them in my room a few years ago.  We've since made a better pattern for the pirate hat, but these are still super cute!

Here's a preview of everything that's included in this unit:


Here's a description of what's included:

*Pirate Glyph with charts, directions, and templates
*Printable math activity for analyzing the data 
includes graphing, ten frames, and tally marks
*If I Were a Pirate Writing template (boy and girl version)
*Stem Project- Build a Pirate Ship 
*Build a Pirate Ship recording sheet
*Science Exploration- Why Do Pirates Wear an Eye Patch?  
*Eye Patch recording sheet
*Pirate pocket chart story 
*Pirate emergent reader
*Fair Shares whole class math activity
*Fair Shares independent activity
*Go Fish! An interactive fishing game with a variety of skills to choose from so that it can be used for at the beginning or end of the year for both K & 1.
*A Pirate Says, AR! Literacy Center game
*All About Macaws (Parrots): A full-color nonfiction reader that tells all about macaws and what makes them great pets. (Note: Macaws are in the parrot family)
*Macaw reading response pages in a variety of formats
*What is a map? Students will learn a wide variety of math skills with these fun, engaging activities. Their new skills will be put to the test as they search for the pirate's treasure.
*Talk Like a Pirate Phrases and Definition Chart
*Buccaneer Grub: Comparing Pirate's food to our food
Have you ever eaten hardtack or had a drink of Swanky? You're not a real pirate until you try it out. Includes Venn diagrams to compare/contrast
*End the unit with a Pirate Party! 
Included are:
*Food suggestions
*Editable invitations to make it extra special
*Full-color directions and templates to make easy, inexpensive pirate costumes
*GAME IDEAS that review skills! Fun and Educational
Each game has directions and full-color pictures
*Swab the Deck Relay Race (2 versions)
*Walk the Plank
*Pass the Pirate's Parrot
*Dig for Treasure
Over 220 pages of learning fun!

Here's the link to purchase this unit from my TPT Store:


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