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Skill Surgery

Need a fun way to review and practice some of the skills that you've been working on this year?
We had so much fun performing Surgical Procedures on previously learned skills.
We rotated through 8 different activities.  Here are a few of them.
    Silly Sums  The surgeons were given equations that had a problem! There was an extra addend that didn't belong.  Once, they diagnosed the problem they extracted the extra addend and stitched the equation back together. 

Punctuation Problem  The surgeons were given sentences that had all three types of punctuation.  They had to read the sentences, extract the extra punctuation and stitch the sentence back together.

Tangled Sentences  The surgeons were given tangled sentences.  Not only were the sentences out of order, but they also had an extra word.  The surgeons had to figure out the sentence, extract the extra word and then stitch the sentences back together. 


Contraction ActiOn The surgeons, were given two words and they had to decide on the treatment by extracting the extra letters.  Then, they stitched the contractions together.  

For the next four tasks, the surgeons made a doctor bag to put their games in. 

At each station, they made a pocket game that they will be able to play over and over again.
We encouraged them to take it home and play with people in their family over the summer.
For Contraction Action, they play it like concentration.

Sum Problems will help them work on math fluency.  

Punctuation Problem- They read the sentences and decide which punctuation is missing.

Gah! I forgot to get a pic of the Tangled Sentences game.
We also played OPERATION.  The students answered skills based questions, and if they answered correctly, they got to extract a bone from our patient.

We had a fun, engaging day! The best part was my daughter, and I were able to wear scrubs.
Y'all, these things are so dang comfortable.  We think they should be "official" teacher wear! 

You can check out my unit by clicking on the image below.
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Printable Files for Busy Teachers FREE File

Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review
I know you are busy! Sometimes we reach a time in the year when our planning time is at a premium. Perhaps you are knee-deep in assessments or you have an unexpected absence and you need to create sub plans.  That is when I am thankful for a few printables that I can use in my classroom.  I created these worksheets (eek... sort of a bad word) with those times in mind.

As a practice, I know that worksheets offer the least amount of student engagement, but there are times when I do use them.

Skills Review
These are a great quick review of skills students have already learned.

Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review

Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review

 Additionally, you can do a quick handwriting review!
Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review
Morning Work
As students start their morning, they can work on activities independently while you get your students' lunch count, parent notes, and other various tasks completed first thing in the morning.

Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review

Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review
Formative Assessments
These pages can also be used as a quick formative assessment.  You can quickly see which skills your students have mastered and which skills you need to reteach!
Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review
Center work
You can also use these No-Prep pages as a center activity.  Just print and you are good to go!

Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review
You can see all of my "In a Snap" activities by clicking HERE.

Wanna try a FREE Sample?

Kindergarten worksheets for Language Arts and Math Review

Dinosaurs! with a FREE file

Rawr!!!! It's a dinosaur!  Nothing gets little ones excited quite like a unit on dinosaurs.
We studied dinosaurs for two weeks and then we flipped the classroom for our DINO DIG DAY!  
Our students rotated through 5 stations and got to see what it was like to be a paleontologist.

To build excitement before we started the unit I brought in this huge egg and told the students that my dog found it in our backyard.  We talked about the size and appearance of the egg and I had them make inferences about what they thought was inside it.  

You can see some of their thinking below.
After they recorded their inference I gave them three clues about what was inside the egg and had them write their new inference.  We tied this to reading.  As we learn more about a topic or character our inference can change.  



After recess we came back to THIS!  RAWR!!!!!! 
This is how they learned that our next unit of study was going to be dinosaurs.
They were twelve kinds of excited.  NOTE: Do this part at the end of the day because it's really hard to bring them down from the excitement.  

On the first day of our dinosaur study we started with our schema and recorded the information we already know about dinosaurs.  Throughout the study we added our new learning to the chart.

Following are a few of the activities that we did during our dinosaur study.



This unit is packed full of close reading articles about dinosaurs, comprehension activities, craft projects and 5 dinosaur stations with all of the directions and printables for Dino Dig Day! 
You can check out the unit by clicking on the cover below.



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