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The 50th Day of School!

We had a great day today!  To celebrate the 50th Day of school we had a sock hop, a bubble gum blowing contest, we hula hooped, went bowling in the hallway and had coke floats! 

This is my awesome Kindergarten Team!  I am so blessed to work with so many amazing people.  There are 7 teachers and 7 paras on my team.  (I'm the one in the pink poodle skirt). 

We made a graph to show our favorite activity, had some fun with a 50's number grid, and made records for our memory book.  We also took the kids pictures in our cool 50th day of school car.  I will have to post a picture of our car this weekend.  My battery died and I had to borrow a camera for those pictures.  :(

I will post the parent letter, 50's grid, graph and ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers as a FREE download. 
It will be this weekend before I can get it put together and posted. 


  1. What a great idea! We are only on day 35 here in California so I have plenty of time to prepare!

  2. Of course you are in the pink poodle skirt! lol

    We are on day 35 :)

  3. Are your 50's printables on TPT this week? I didn't see them. How fun you must have had! Our 50th day is next week. We thought of doing the hand jive to accompany your ideas too! thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Hey Christy,
    I'm posting them tonight!

  5. I love your ideas for the 50th Day! Our Kindergarten team has celebrated 50's day for the past four years and we love it. I like your graphs and printables you offer as a free download-thank you!

  6. You have mentioned that you had a parent letter. I downloaded your 50's file (thank you so much, its wonderful) but I didn't see the parent letter. Could you post the parent letter? Thanks!



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