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Halloween and Pumpkin Fun!

Build a Pumpkin!

Last year at Wal-Mart I found these plastic pumpkin pieces and I created a spinner and recording sheet to go along with them.  The parts remind me of Mr. Potato Head parts and come with several different noses, mouths, eyes, ears, etc: The game is a two player game.  Player 1 spins the spinner and if the spinner lands on nose the player chooses the nose for the pumpkin.  Then it's the next players turn.  Play continues until the pumpkin is completed.  The kids love this game and the pumpkins turn out so cute!  We take a picture of them with their pumpkins to add to their memory book.  Here's a picture of one of the pumpkins, the spinner, and recording sheets.

Close up picture of the pumpkin.

When Itchy Witchy Sneezes

We read, When Itchy Witchy Sneezes by Joy Cowley and made a flow map.  The kids did a great job on their illustrations.

Where's My Mummy?

We read, Where's My Mummy? by Carolyn Crimi  This book is one of my all time favorites!!

We made our own Mummies and wrote about our text to self connections.  Click on the picture below to view my, Where's My Mummy  unit on TPT.

Pumpkin Adjectives and Poems

We brainstormed a list of adjectives and then used them to complete our Pumpkins poem.

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Reader's Workshop

During Reader's Workshop we have been learning about the strategies that super readers use. 
Here is one of our anchor charts.

Guided Reading Word Work

During Guided Reading the students do word work based on their reading level.  Here are some examples from the student's word work journals.

For more Guided Reading ideas check out my unit on TPT by clicking on the cover.

50's Day Car!
Here's the 50's Day car that I promised I'd take a picture of when I posted my 50's Day activities. My awesome para, Jennifer Fowler made this car for me using foam board, paint and glitter.  I LOVE it!  We take a picture of two kids at a time in the car for their memory books.

This is a picture I forgot to add last week when I shared our Spider activities.  We read, The Silly Willy Spider poem and added it to our poetry journals and illustrated it.

The Hi-light of my week...

Sorry guys!  While I have you captive I'm a proud mamma and I just have to brag! My daughter, Taylor was crowned home coming queen for her high school.  Congratulations Tater Tot! You are beautiful inside and out!

Escorting her out on the field with the other nominees to find out who will be crowned.

 Announcing her name as the winner... Can you tell we are HAPPY?

Taylor right after being crowned.

And one last picture just because I love the pink and black dress she wore to the homecoming dance.


  1. Have you seen these, Deanna?
    They make sentence building during GR groups so easy! No pre-cutting of paper! Our reading recovery teacher showed them to me (they use them!)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen! I just went to the link you gave me and bought some. It will look a lot neater than what I've been doing! :)

  3. She's beautiful Deanna! Congrats to all of you! Also, thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. You are truly and inspiration. -Sarah Cooley

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  6. I'm a little late in reading your blog. :) Looking for new fall ideas, but as I was I came across your GR info. Can you give me more information on how you do Guided Reading? I have 23 kiddos so I'm struggling at establishing this right now! Thanks SO much, you are incredible!

  7. what pattern did you use for the mummy?

  8. Hi Jodi, Email me at and I will try my best to help you out. :)

  9. Earlier this week I purchased your guided reading packet and I love it! I am a former 2nd grade teacher turned preschool teacher. I think there are so many things in your packet that I can incorporate even in my pre-k 3 year old classroom!



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