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Word Detective Pack

One of my kids favorite centers is write the room! I have made some Word Detective sheets for them to use. They have a "case file" with certain clues they have to look for. For example, write words that have the letter s, write words that have 4 letters, etc: Here's one of the sheets from the pack.
Word Detective case file

You can make more on your own or you can download the entire pack along with the word dectective poster shown above from TPT for $4.

Word Detective Word Work Pack


  1. I purchased this set from TPT. My kindergarten kiddos are loving it! You would get a kick out of seeing them walking around our room with their clipboards - so much fun! Thanks for your hard work!

  2. I'm glad they like it! I want to make visors that look like little "word detective" hats but I haven't gotten around to it yet!!! So many things on my want to do little time. :)

  3. Love your materials! You help keep teaching fun!

  4. Just started getting into blogs...and was inspired to start one myself! I love the word detective items. I was just looking for new ideas for our literacy work stations! Thank you!

  5. This is great! It goes perfect with my Letter Snatcher/letter detectives! Check out my blog...maybe you can use my letter detective song!



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