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Sneak Peak!

I just finished my Christmas unit and uploaded it to Teachers Pay Teachers.  Here are a few pictures from the unit. 
 An original story that I wrote.  The story can be printed out and used for Shared Reading or you can use it on your Smartboard or projector. 
Santa craft and two writing activities...create a list for Santa or write him a letter.

Decorate a Christmas tree and then count, graph and record what is on the tree.

Here's the description from Teachers Pay Teachers:

This is one of my favorite units. It includes an original story for shared reading, a rhyming words center and recording sheet, a Santa art project which includes two writing projects: a Santa list and a Santa letter. It also includes an elf number words center, a Christmas Tree project and math recording sheet, 3 graphing activities and manipulatives, a what matters most bulletin board display and lots more! 49 pages total
This unit is on sale for $7 until December 1st.  After that it will be $10
click on the link below if you're interested. 


  1. Thank you, once again! I just have to purchase your stuff everytime you send out an email! Thanks for all of your work.

  2. I have just recently been introduced to your blog and your lessons on teachers pay teachers and want to thank you very much, you have great information.

  3. Thanks Ladies! I'm glad you like the units. :)

  4. Can I just buy the stories you have read for each unit? The other materials are too high for my kiddos, but they love being read to. I teach in a non-traditional all special education school.

  5. Love this unit! I can't wait to do all of the activites with my kiddos!



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