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Thanks Babbling Abby!

After the awesome news I had from Teachers Pay Teachers last Saturday I didn't think it was possible to be blown away anymore this week!  Then, I got a message from a friend telling me I needed to check out a blog.  How on earth have I not heard of this blog before?  Have I been hiding under a rock?  LOVE, Love, love it!  What blew me away (and brought tears to my eyes...sorry I'm a sap!) was how sweet she was about my penguin unit!  Not only that but she has it all laid out on a grid!  Oh, my!  That is such a huge help for planning purposes.  Thanks so much for the shout out Abby!  Your blog is amazing!  If you've never been to her blog before here is the link.
Babbling Abby


  1. AH! First of all, I can't believe you {THE Deanna Jump!} came to visit my little old blog!

    And, then you posted about me on YOUR blog! STOP. THE. WORLD.

    Thanks you so much! And, I've already purchased the snowman unit, which I'm going to incorporate into my lessons this week and next.

    You are such an inspiration and I am 12 kinds of lucky that teachers like you are still around to teach and inspire. I have such a hard time aligning my own personal teaching philosophy with what our district mandates, but it is teachers like you {and Cara from The First Grade Parade!} that have taught me that FUN and EDUCATION still go together.

    Have a great day! And congrats on your success with TPT. Amazing!

  2. I just bought the unit! Love it! Thank you to both of you for your inspiration!


  3. I love Babbling Abby and I think I found you through her blog! You ladies are both amazing!



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