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America Part One

We did a directed drawing of The Statue of Liberty.  The kids did an AMAZING job!
We wanted to find out the answer to the following question. It is really hard to explain to kids just how HUGE the Statue of Liberty really is!  So, we measured out bulletin board paper for her foot (even the length of her toes is correct) to get an idea of how  huge she is! 

All About The Statue of Liberty writing

Our bald eagles... they turned out so stinkin'cute!

This is from our Chit-Chat book.  This is a great way to review what was learned the day before.  As part of our morning message routine we read the message skeleton together EXACTLY as it is written and then the kids use their schema, text and phonics clues to fill in the chart.  This is also a great way to review spelling chunks and spelling rules.  :)  I always end the message with a question so that they have to turn to a partner and "chit-chat" about it.  This idea originated with the KCrew's Buzz Book.

Our American Symbols Tree Map

One of our story problems from our Math Journals.  I love how the student's use different strategies to solve the math problem. 

The activities above and LOTS more are included in my America unit. 
This is one of my palm trees.  A few people have emailed me and asked for directions so I'm attaching the directions below the picture.  :)  You will notice our friend, Stretch is hanging out in the tree.  He is there to remind us to S-s-s-stretch our words when we write.

Also, you might want to check out Donna Glynn's giveaway.  It is FABULOUS.  :)


  1. Absolutely adorable Deanna.
    That is one big foot!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love your foot and the samples of your students math journals. It would be interesting to know what else would be that long or how many desks or tables long her foot is. I love the life size version.
    I loved your penguin unit. If you are interested in seeing some work my grade two's have done with penguins please check out

  3. This is all so great! I've been working on a unit for President's Day, and this will be a great follow-up to that unit. Thanks so much! You have such great ideas. I need to check out your TPT store asap. :)


  4. Super ideas! I love the foot! We are getting ready to do an American symbols unit-will definitely have to do that!

  5. What do you mean by a "directed drawing"?

  6. It is where I teach the kids how to draw step by step. :)

  7. I purchased the unit and was wondering why you did not include the math journal entries. I really like the way you incorporate themes into math journals. Do you have a listing just for math journal entries?

  8. Deanna! You are FAB!

  9. Hi there! I have just stumbled across your blog and am sooooo glad I did!!! You have such wonderful ideas! Two questions -
    1. Do you have a daily schedule on your blog or on TPT anywhere? I would love to see a sample of your day.
    2. What levels do your children usually start on at the beginning of the year? I teach in a very low income, high poverty school where our children start with extremely limited vocab skills and almost no letter/sound knowledge and am excited about using some of your ideas and maybe modifying them.
    Thanks again for the super ideas!

  10. I was just wondering if you do Daily 5 in your classroom? I know you mentioned something in a TpT item about it being great for Daily 5 word work. If you do Daily 5 I would LOVE to hear about how it runs in your classroom :)

  11. I LOVE your Statue of Liberty activity! We will be studying measurement next week and I will definitely be using that with my kiddos.

    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

  12. Mrs. Jump,
    My question sounded kind of silly! I figured what the directed drawing was-but I would love to have the specific directions that you gave them! You can email them to me if you can!! Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas!

  13. I would also love to see what your schedule looks like. You seem to get a lot accomplished in your day. I teach 2 classes. 16 morning kiddos from 8-10, 32 kiddos from 10-12 and then the 16 afternoon kiddos. Pretty much I teach the same thing twice!

  14. Just bought your America unit and I LOVE it! Great work. :)

  15. I love the bald eagles! Thank you so much for the idea!

  16. I loooove your blog! You're amazing! Your blog got me started on my addictions to blogs...I love them! I'm also interested in what your daily routine/schedule is. I went from teaching 2 half-day classes to one full-day, and while you'd think there would be more time...I still feel rushed! I want to do all of your cute things, but I would just love to know how you do it! You can email me if you would like. :) My email is

  17. I LOVE this unit! We are having so much fun!


  18. Hi there! I wondered where you got the directions for the Statue of Liberty Directed Drawing? I've searched online and can't seem to find any lessons regarding S.o.L directed drawings and would love to do one this week with my class! Thanks!




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