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RAWR! Dinosaurs and Paleontologists!

Oh, my gosh Y'all!  We have had so much fun learning about Dinosaurs! 
The week before our unit started my dog found (wink, wink) this egg in my backyard. 
We made inferences about what we thought was inside it based on its appearance.
The kids noticed that, "it looked really old" and that it was "Huge". 

We charted their guesses on the chart below.  I told them that I had peeked inside the egg and that I already knew what was inside it.  I gave them one clue at a time and we made the chart below.
WHEW!  It's a good thing we haven't done our Oviparous Animals unit yet or I would be one sad teacher!
A horse?  In an egg?  Mercy!  :)

I was inspired by Abby's recording sheet that she used for her awesome Mystery Box Activity.  I created one to fit in with our egg activity and the kids had to chart their new inferences based on the clues they were given.  While they were at recess the dinosaur hatched out of the egg.  RAWR!  This activity got them Super excited about our upcoming unit on dinosaurs.

These are a few random pictures from our unit.

I LOVE teaching my kids new words and I get so tickled when they come back the next day and tell me their parents had to Google it!  :)  We learned about Pangea.  Don't know what this is?  Ask one of my Kindergarten Sweeties and they can tell you all about it.  They can also sing you the Seven Continents song and tell you the differences between Dino times and now.  They are just too smart!

                                This is our ongoing Schema/ New Learning chart.
                                I love Debbie Miller.  If you haven't read her book, Teaching With Intention
                                                                  it is a must read!

Our Dinosaur Glyph

Our T-Rex bones that we put back together.
We will be real Paleontologists on Wednesday when we do our Dinosaur Dig!

We learned what it's like to be Paleontologists during our Dino Dig Day! So much fun!!

You can click on the picture below to view my Dinosaur Unit


  1. Aw, thanks for the sweet shout-out, Deanna!!!! Your dino unit looks super fun :)

  2. I fear I may need a 12-step program! I am addicted to everything "Deanna Jump". So cute and deep at the same time!

    Keep them coming! My VISA card is standing by!

  3. So much excitement must have been created with the egg! I would've LOVED to be in your class as a child. I'll be storing these ideas for future use!!

  4. Love your stuff as always, Deanna! Cute, cute, cute!

  5. Hi!! Super cute, I can bet they were tickled about the egg! I have a student teaching blog about the Kinder class I'm in now... take a peek and share if you like... Don't have followers yet! Also working on my cooperating teachers Kinder Blog!

    Miss Megan

  6. way cool! not doing our dino unit for another few weeks...cant wait to get your unit!!

  7. Is the egg paper mache??? I'm really lovin' it!

  8. Will this unit be available for purchase???

  9. Thanks ladies! The egg is paper mache. I am working on this unit and I hope to have it finished by Sunday. :)

  10. I ABSOLUTELY love your paper mache egg. We have our Chick unit coming up, and I am going to use that idea! What a great way to get the kiddos motivated!

  11. Love, love, love it! Where did you find that dinosaur?

  12. Love, love LOVE the Egg! I am so going to do this. I have purchased all your units so far. I will be on the lookout for the dino unit. God has certainly blessed you with wonderful creativity. Keep up the great Work!
    Cristy Wagner

  13. So cute! I can't wait to see your oviparous unit!!

  14. QUick question: Do you prewrite the chit chat title on your morning message or are you just really artistic:)

  15. I love your stuff! I have so much fun doing the activities! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas!




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