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Valentine's Day Activities

We only had a three day week thanks to getting Thursday and Friday off for a mini Winter Break! :)
And Oh, my Word the weather today was a  BEAUTIFUL 76 degrees.  I hope the cold weather doesn't come back!  Since we only had three days we did lots of Valentine activities from my unit.

First, we sorted and graphed our Valentine cards.

Then, we analyzed our data.

 We played a fun probability game.
We wrote a class book following the pattern in the story we read this week.
Some of their ideas were really cute!

 This is what one of the finished pages looked like.  Don't you just love how
kindergarten sweeties draw?  It says,  Every alien loves a spaceship.

 I could not get rid of this annoying little X! sorry!

 Here's the Liberty Bell science experiment that I told you about last week.
First, we formed a hypothesis and then we did our experiment to find out if we were correct.

These are the bells I used.  You can see the crack in the one on the right.  My husband just used a little hack saw to make the crack for me.  In order for the experiment to be authentic the bells that you use need to be identical.  The kids were amazed at how much different the bells sounded.  We talked about how the crack causes the sound waves to vibrate differently which causes it to make a different sound.


  1. I love that bell demo!!!!!!!!! Very cool!


  2. Ha ha! "every bottom loves a toilet!" - you always have at least one of those!! :)

  3. I love all the graphing for valentines day. Could you share the printables? Thanks!

  4. Hi,
    I give you the Stylish Blog Award. I love checking in on your blog and think you're terrific. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas!

  5. I love the probability activites. I also like your word problems. Do you have the word problems you do all year for sale on TPT? Thanks for sharing!

  6. What story did you read before creating the "Every ____ needs a ____ " chart? Thanks!

  7. What story did you read before creating the "Every ____ needs a ____ " chart? Thanks!

    I was wondering the same thing??

  8. We read the story that I wrote. It is in my Valentine's Day unit. You can see a few pages from the book on the Smartboard in the above pictures.



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