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More zoo unit pictures

We made alligator pie and then used Interactive writing to create our How To chart.

Our fun poem.  This was written by a Canadian poet by the name of Dennis Lee.  I'm told there are a few more verses to the poem...but this was just enough for us.. we love it!

YUMMY!  Alligator pie

The kids wrote their own How To during Writer's Workshop

Our alligators and nonfiction alligator writing.

A close up of one the student's writing.  I just love how Kindergarten sweeties write.
Their phonetic spelling is just too cute!
                                                 Alligator chomps Syllable Sorting game

                                           Follow up book for the kiddos to complete at centers.

We read, Turnips For Dinner by Joy Cowley and wrote in our literacy journals.

Our monkeys and monkey writing.  I LOVE the monkeys.  I think they are my favorite.

I love how each monkey is different.  A few of the pieces are patterns but for the most part the monkeys are made by cutting rectangles and squares into circles and ovals and then creating the monkey.  Each one seems to have its own personality!

Our elephants and elephant writing.

We read a portion of  Let's Have a Swim! by Joy Cowley and then made a prediction about how we thought the story would end.

I was asked about some great books to use for this unit.  I love the nonfiction books by Pebble Books.  We also read a lot of fiction books.  I will bring the books home tomorrow and add the titles to the bottom of this post.  :)

The kids have learned so much about animals during this unit.  I'm sad to see it end!  We have a few more days this week and then next week is spring break.  WOO-HOO!  You can click on the alligator if you are interested in the unit. 


Also, my friend Kathleen has some GREAT math and literacy games to compliment this unit.  You can check them out by clicking here.    Up next.... insects


  1. Hi Deanna - I LOVE your class's work! It is so adorable. I have been following you for a while, and I just had a couple of questions - Do you have full day kindergarten? And how old are the majority of your students? I teach kindergarten as well, and it seems like you get so much more done than I could ever imagine to get done!!!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and work!

  2. Hi Deanna - You're so inspiring. I love your TPT stuff and blog. We are doing a rain forest unit right now in my first grade room. "Some" of the zoo animals would fit but I'm just curious about if I should go ahead and purchase the whole unit even though we don't do "zoo." I love the writing graphic organizers. Do you have a rain forest or jungle unit? Are those in there? Lot's of questions I know!!

  3. Sarah... I will blog about my daily schedule soon. :) Jaci's focus is on the animals not the zoo so it would fit in with a jungle unit. we learn about where the animals are from (Africa, Asia, etc;) then we learn about all of the characteristics that make them unique. I plan on working on a rainforest unit next year. :)

  4. So Stinkin' Cute Deanna!! I love it all so much! Is this all in your zoo unit? The patterns for the monkeys, elephants, etc?

  5. Hello

    Alligator Pie was written by Dennis Lee. He is a fabulous Canadian poet. Check out his other stuff, he is a riot!

  6. Hey Deanna,
    What units do you have coming up? I know you mentioned a fairy tale unit in an earlier post. Is that still in the works?

  7. You are so amazing! Do you have any suggestions for good books to read and incorporate into my literacy time that go along with the animal/zoo theme?

    Also, you mentioned an insect unit... just wondering when you expect to have that done. I'd love to use it for my insect study if it'll be ready! :)

  8. Ireally enjoy your blog and so...
    I'm awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award!
    Just link back to my blog from yours and follow the directions posted there!

    K is for kindergarten

  9. I cannot wait to see your insect unit! That's my theme for Open House this year and I would love to see your ideas!

  10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this zoo unit! I get tired of doing the same old thing - this is just the spark I needed to make mine even better! Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. I was just wondering when will you be posting insects pics or your unit on TPT? I am getting ready to work on insects and would really love to see your ideas. PLEASEEEEEEE

  12. Deanna I love your Zoo Unit!! We are starting it next week and I am so excited!
    Where did you get your font and clip art for this unit? It is adorable :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us on Teachers Pay Teachers.

  13. Deanna,
    I LOVE all of your stuff! I was wondering what kind of program you use on the computer to create some of your documents. Like how do you make the cute little dashed borders and such. I would love to start making my own things for my kindergartners, but have no idea where to start! Do you use Microsoft Word? I just want to pick your brain! hehe Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful ideas! I'm in my 2nd year of teaching and I hope to one day be as creative and fun as you!



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