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RAWR! Dinosaurs UPDATE- Unit has been posted to TPT

My Dinosaur unit has been posted to TPT...
Click on the T-Rex picture above to view my dino unit on Teachers pay teachers.  

We made Paleontologists using our pictures.  The book inside tells about what we did during our Dinosaur Dig. Sorry... It's hard to see how adorable these are since I had to blur out the faces. 

Our shirts that we made for our Dinosaur Dig

On our Dinosaur Dig day the kids got to see what it was like to be a real paleontologist.
They uncovered bones that had been fossilized and they had to chip away the rock (playdoh), clean the bones and then work in groups to put the dinosaur back together.

Part of our book that goes inside our Paleontologists that we made.

Our Triceratops art projects.  So stinkin' cute!!!

I forgot to take my camera to school so I brought a few home to snap a picture.  Excuse the glare from the floor.
Our triceratops writing.

Oh, my word! We had so much fun with this unit!!!  For more pictures from this unit see last week's post.  


  1. Wow! This looks like such a fun unit. I am sure your kids are so happy to be in your class.

  2. This is amazing! I love how you have them 'clean the bones'. Very cute!

    I mentioned you in my lastest post:

  3. Your unit looks like a blast! I love your Chit Chat posters. Is this part of your morning routine? It is such a great way to review previous learning!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...all of these ideas. The Chit Chat posters are great too. Is this your morning message?

  6. Very cute t-shirts! Did your kids make them? I had mine make some for the 100th day and oh my, I forgot how messy kids and (non-washable)paint are! But hey, we make sacrifices for cuteness, right?! Love the dinos!
    F is For First Grade

  7. Can you tell me more about your anchor charts?
    How do you have them hung?
    What do you use!
    I love this and I want to start this.

  8. When will you have the unit available for sale? I want to start Dinosaurs soon.

  9. The unit will be posted by 9:00 Eastern Standard Time tonight. :)

    The anchor charts are hung on a clothes line that goes across the back of my room.

    The Chit-Chat book is my Morning Message. I always end it with a question so that they can turn and talk to their partner about it. Which is where the "chit-chit" comes in.

  10. Holy you added me to your blogroll!! Thanks so much!! You are like my internet idol and I am so honored that you found my blog blogroll worthy. Thanks for being the inspiration that you are!!
    Jonelle Bell
    A Place Called Kindergarten

  11. Deanna, thank you for listing my blog on your site! I am loving your units and have bought several on tpt. Thank you for sharing your ideas and hard work-the kids love it all!


  12. What a great site! I love your anchor charts. Mine always look the same, using the chart paper markers from Sharpie. You are so creative. I'll be checking out your tpt page right away. Thanks again for sharing.

    Please check out my new blog for third grade and consider adding it to your blog roll.
    Thanks so much, Kelley

  13. Deanna, I made labels to go on the Paleontologists' jackets. Here is the link:

    I love the Paleontologists! They came out so cute.



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