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Ahoy Mateys! Pirate Fun!

Oh, my word y'all we get out of school in two weeks and the kids are CRAZY ready!   I am trying my best to keep them engaged in learning and not pull my hair out.  :)  We started our pirate unit last week and I was amazed at the change in behavior.  They LOVED this unit and their behavior was AWESOME!
This has by far been my favorite unit!  The kids have been so excited about reading and writing stories about Pirate adventures.  There are so many great children's books to read with this theme.  I think their favorite story was the one I wrote for this unit. It is pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself! ;)   We read it each day for Shared Reading and by the end of the week they were doing their own Reader's Theater plays on the playground.  Almost all of them knew the entire story by heart.  LOVE it!  :) Here are a few random pages from the story I wrote. ( I really love having a smartboard because we can write right on top of the words.)

We did a Fair Share math lesson using pirates and gold coins.  First we shared our gold among two pirate friends...

Then, we added a third friend to see how we could share the gold. 

After we worked on this several times together I gave them all workmats, a recording sheet and gold
(Corn Pops cereal).  This activity isn't included in my unit but if you click on the picture below you can download the workmat and recording sheet. 

This is another fun math activity we did this week.  They worked in teams to see who could build their pirate ship first.  (this one is included in my unit) 
And my favorite activity of all was our Pirate Glyphs.  I love how each one seems to have its own personality.  We made the glyph based on their answers to a few questions then we analyzed the data and created a graph. 

If you want to check out the unit you can click on the picture below.

P.S. Many of you have emailed me asking about my Ocean unit.... I promise I'm working on it! :)  This is a large unit because we use it for Open House so I am trying to pack it full of all of the cool things we do.  I hope to have it finished by tomorrow.  So Sorry! 


  1. Very cool pirate unit :)

    Thanks for the great ideas :)


  2. wow this units look amazing!!! ill have to wait till next year to use it but i sure will.

    Can't wait to see your ocean unit as i need some ideas to finish mine :).

    I've decided to start a blog myself lets see how it goes.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Greets from Spain

    take care

  3. I lcve this!! I snagged mine for next year! I am looking forward to using it with my pirate math and literacy stations on TpT!!

    You rock, Deanna!!

    Curls and a Smile

  4. Cute pirate glyphs! I don't think kids can ever get too old for them. I teach 4th grade math. We made some turkey glyphs around Thanksgiving this past year and used our details for graphing! I'm looking forward to using even more this upcoming school year :)

  5. Wow, that is so cute! Your awesome units almost make me want to teach kindergarten :)

  6. As a first year first grade teacher (after spending 3+ years teaching 5th grade), I really appreciate it when great teachers share great ideas! Thank you!!

    I'm not sure if your pirate unit also addresses science ideas, but I recently learned something about pirates and thought it was interesting. I was with a group of (older) students at an outdoor ed. camp and they were talking about rods and cones in their eyes and about how our eyes adjust to night vision. Turns out, pirates aren't believed to have worn patches because so many of them had a bad eye... rather, they were making their lives easier as they work. Pirates had to move often between above deck (very light) to below deck (very dark). They would allow one eye to adjust to the darkness below deck and one eye to be adjusted to the light above deck. They would then switch the eye patch to the opposite eye depending on where they were working so that they didn't have to take the time to wait for their eyes to adjust.

    I thought it was a pretty interesting fact, and your pirate theme unit got me to thinking...


  7. YOu are so talented!!! I can't wait to use this unit next year. I love the Pirate theme ;)
    Lory's Page

  8. Deanna,
    I'd like to buy your pirate unit, but I can't find it in your school. Plz advise.

  9. I'd like to order this pirate unit, but I'm unable to find it in your store. Please advise.



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