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I made this monthly calendar with inspirational quotes as a companion to the weekly planning calendar that I gave away during Teacher's Appreciation Week.
Click on the picture to download the calendar.  The graphics are from Thistlegirl and Digiweb studio.

Today is the first day of school for me.  I have 22 sweet little Kindergarten kids.  I look forward to posting some of the fun things we are doing this week.  Stay tuned for lots of pictures and some free downloads! 
Have a great week!

First Grade Common Core Standards are Posted!

Many of you have been asking... and they are finally done!  Click on the picture to check them out.

Frog Street Splash and Common Core Standards

I am getting ready to leave for Frog Street Splash so I haven't had time to post.  I leave tomorrow because I am going to visit my Grandmother in West Texas before going on to Dallas.  My grandmother has NO internet.  Can you imagine???  Holy Cow!  That is going to be a long three days for me!  :)  Thankfully I am able to get emails and surf the web on my phone.  Otherwise, I don't think I would survive!!!

I just wanted to fill you guys in and let you know of my plan.  I come back from Splash on the 24th and I have to report back to work on the 25th.  Crazy, eh?   I will be busy getting my room ready for Meet the Teacher  and the first week of school.  So be watching for lots of pictures and FREE downloads! 
Coming Soon....  the forms I use for student information,  adorable pirate themed name tags, first day of school stuff!  :) 

In the meantime I have uploaded a Common Core Standards pack.  In our district we are required to have our standards posted and refer to them when we are teaching.  So I made these posters and the standards attach with velcro so that they can be changed out easily.  You can click on the picture below to check them out.   Many of you have left comments on my Teachers Pay Teachers Q&A asking me if I would make these for first grade.  The answer is YES!  I've started working on them and I will have them finished by August 1st.

P.S.  I know that some of you requested more labels.  I haven't forgotten about you.  I will try to get them done soon.  Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Pirates, Free Literacy Center Downloads and Pete the Cat

This is how I manage my literacy centers.  The pirate ship was made using styrofoam sheets and paint. 
You can buy the sheets at most craft stores.  You draw your shape onto the sheet and then cut it out with a hot wand.  Super easy! 
The little pirates are birthday party invitations that I bought at Target.  Each child is placed in a group...pirates, anchors, pirate ships, jolly rogers or maps.  So you can see that today the pirate ships will complete the activities at the abc center and then they will read in the loft.  Each day I move the group icons to the right and the last one comes to the front.   
Below you will see the group charts.  Each child's picture is attached with velcro so that I can move them to another group if I need to.  (Excuse the district is very strict about showing pictures of the kids). 

This is my word wall.  I LOVE how bright and colorful it turned out.  It is made out of fleece and felt.  The letters are hot glued on and the words are attached with velcro.

It is so hard to find classroom themed items for pirates so I had to make my own color charts.  I found clipart that I liked and used a paint program to change the colors.  I cut out the letters on my cricut machine.  I have no idea why I capitalized the first letter.  Grrr! Don't ya just get so mad at yourself when you get something finished and then realize you made a mistake!  :(  Click on the picture to download the pirate bears. 

Below are a few freebies for you.  My ABC center stays pretty much the same from week to week.  At the beginning we do font sorts and playdough letters and such.  After we've done quite a bit of letter work we start doing letter sorts.  Each week we focus on two or three letters during this time.  The kids cut out the pictures and sort them based on their initial sound. The kids who are working at a higher level  stretch their words and write the sounds they hear.  You will notice that there are also some colored ones as well.  These go in the abc center so that they kids can sort them in the pocket chart.  Click on the picture to download them.

Another center that stays the same from week to week is the Listening center.  In this center they listen to a story and then do a story response.  In the beginning these are very simple.  I've attached the ones that I use during the first months of school below. Click on the picture to download them.

Here are the icons for the pirate ship and the group charts.  Click on the links or  pictures to download the items.

Learning center Icons
Large group charts to attach the kids pictures to.

Mercy!  This is such a busy month for me.  I'm busy working on my presentation for Frog Street Splash in Dallas, Texas on the 22nd and then as soon as I get back from Dallas we go back to school.  Teachers report to work on July 25th and the kids start August 1st.  Wow!  That is quick!
We love Pete the Cat!!! :) You can click on the Pete the Cat picture to take you to the unit.  I love this class art project.  All of their cats seem to have their own personalities!

NOTE:  This unit is now called,  Colorful Cats and all references to Pete have been removed.  

Pirate Themed Classroom

Ahoy There Me Hearties!  Many of you have told me that you plan to have a pirate themed classroom this year.  This is such a fun theme!  This week I will be posting some of my ideas and printables to help you get started with this theme.

I use P.I.R.A.T.E. binders in my classroom to help keep us organized. Each child gets a 1" notebook.  
This is the cover.  I laminate it with my Scotch laminator (so that I can reuse them for several years) and slide it in the front pocket of the binder.   I print out labels with each child's name and put them on the spine of the binder.  Click on the cover to download it.
Inside the binder I put the agendas that our school requires us to use,  a zippered pouch for when they need to bring money and several copies of the following notes.  I run the absence notes on turquoise copy paper and I run the change in transportation notes on a different colored paper.   When a parent fills out one of the notes they take it out of the three ring section and place it in the front pocket which is labeled  Notes from School and Home.  You can click on the notes to download them.

Sorry y'all I know this isn't much!  Consider it a teaser.  This is a busy holiday weekend so this is all I have time to post tonight.  AAAAARRRRRGH!  :)


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