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More Back to School Fun!

You can download the survey sheet for free by clicking here.

You can download my Free book, What Do Scientists Do?  by clicking here.
Okay, Friends... I know y'all are losing your patience with me.  When are the updates to Pete the Cat going to be ready?  I promise I am working on them.  If they aren't ready by Wednesday I will ground myself from Sonic coke (which I must have every day) for a solid week!  If that isn't motivation I don't know what is!
Have a GREAT week! 


  1. We love "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" in my house...Have you read, "Boom Chicka Rock"? I think my son likes that book EVEN MORE!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. I have my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom unit ready to go!! I bought your science experiment packets last year so I know that kids like those science experiments!

  3. I am so excited about your Pete the Cat unit! =)

  4. How did you have them taste the coconut? Did you just hack it open?

  5. Cant wait for PETE the CAT!! I am SUPER excited! We dont start til Wednesday so for me ....ya got time!! hee hee!

    However....That MONSTER Math was precious!! IS that connected somewhere?? Just point me in the direction! I think I NEED that too!!

    Thanks sooo much! SUCH a precious family!!
    Sarah Hetrick

  6. thank you for the science down load!

  7. I love your blog. Just found it today and started to follow it. I'm new to the blogging world. You can check out my blog kindergarten days at I was wondering why you don't have labels on the side of your blog? I wanted to see older posts, but going through all the archives is taking me quite some time...and by the way, THANK YOU for all the posts. I'm in my 9th year teaching and need some new ideas and your site has given me sooo many!!! Keep up the great work. =)

  8. Rachelle, I used bagged coconut flakes. :)

    Ms. Conyers, Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the blog. The labels are under the section that says ARCHIVES on the bottom left. :)

  9. Hello! I have the old monster pattern and would love to have your new super cute pattern. Is the new pattern offered in a packet? Thank you! Leanne

  10. Hi Deanna,

    I just purchased your Pete the Cat unit. I love it, but was hoping the Tree Map was included as well as the titles for the bubble map (has, is)etc. Did I purchase before your updated version? If so, could you email me the updates? Please let me know :)

    Thank you!

  11. Hi Leanne, There is a bunch of really cute stuff in my Back to School unit. That's where the monster glyph is. :)

  12. Hi,
    I will definitely purchase your Pete The Cat unit when there is a sale happening at TPT ....hopefully will be soon. I already borrowed the book form our local library and my son really enjoys reading the book.

  13. Hey!
    I purchased the "Pete The Cat" lesson a few weeks ago but a few of the pages are somewhat blank (and I think there is to be text/directions on them). Any suggestions?!? HELP!
    Otherwise, everything looks great! Thanks for all you do!!



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