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Thanksgiving Updates


The updates to my Thanksgiving unit are finished.  The unit nearly doubled in size.  If you've already purchased the unit (even if it was last year) you can go to TPT and click on your Downloads folder.  Scroll down to the Thanksgiving unit and click on it to download the new unit.  You can click on the pilgrim girl to check out the unit on TPT.  
Here is some of what's included:
 Originalfull color book for shared reading. The book goes to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell.
Kids will love the fun ending to this story!
Turkey pie graph math activity with full color pictures, directions, and patterns.
Original turkey poem with adorable craft activity.
Turkey glyph with data analysis sheets and Turkey Glyph book.
Boy and girl pilgrim art activity and writing templates.
Black and white emergent reader and pocket chart pictures.
Turkey syllables center activity
Writing activities, rhyming activies and More!
I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from our week.  Spiders anyone?  :)


  1. Hi Mrs. Jump
    I have followed your website to Letter Delights and have tried to download alphabets. Unfortunately I can't find the Hot Link or Run information in my order history to add to Creative Delights Companion. I have all of the alphabets downloaded to my desktop. Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much.

  2. All Good Now!!! Thanks again for your help and your wonderful blog!

  3. I love your Thanksgiving unit, thank you! I also purchased your Where's My Mummy unit and the entire school loves the mummy craft. Feel free to stop by my blog to look at the picture of our bulletin board. Thanks again!!

  4. Yea! We love your activities. We recently did an Owl study with your packet guiding the instruction. The kids learned so much and could not have been more excited. Thanks for sharing your great ideas & hard work. It is truly appreciated.

  5. Is this different than the Autumn unit with the picture of Dracula and the Pilgrim girl? I have purchased ALL of your units, I don't know how I missed this one!! I remember doing your turkey glyph last year, maybe it was someone else's unit?

  6. Michelle, My turkey glyph is made with a brown paper bag. You can see a picture of it from a post I made two weeks ago. This is one of my favorite units because my little kinders LOVE the pilgrim book! I

  7. I have a high level kindergarten. The children are reading and writing very well. Will the activities in the Thanksgiving unit be challenging enough for them? I am really interested in the packet. Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Griffin,
    The activities in the packet will be perfect for them! Thanks, Deanna



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