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Where's My Mummy? activities and freebies

We did a character analysis of Bubby Mummy.  We discussed how he looks, how he feels, and what he does.  I typed up some statements that were true and some that weren't true.  If the student's said that the statement was true for Baby Mummy then they had to give evidence to support why it should go on the chart.  This activity really helped my little ones think about the characters in the stories we read.  Click here to download the tree map statements.

Click on the book cover above to dowload this free resource for teaching your little scientists about the Scientific Method.

Click on the cover to view my, Where's My Mummy? unit

I'm working on updating a few of my units.  There will be additions to my Owl unit and Thanksgiving unit. 
Already purchased one of these units?  No worries!  When you purchase a unit on TPT you get all revisions and additions at no additional charge.  Even if the price goes up! 

Coming Soon ....


  1. Cute cards! I love your units. I have been inspired to start my own blog and TPT store. Feel free to check me out.

  2. I love your spelling chunk cards, and so do my students! They use them all the time! Do you have a silent e in the packets that I may have missed? Thanks!

  3. I love your creativity in all of your units/projects. It shows that you really enjoy teaching the little ones. The cards are really cute. Do kindergarteners pick up on these sounds quickly in addition to the letter sounds they need to know? I am a Title I teacher,and the kiddos I have struggle with the individual letter sounds so I would think they would become overwhelmed with all the extra sounds. How do you help your strugglers?

  4. I purchased your Where's My Mummy packet. I love your units. I however didn't see the character to self reflection in your unit that you displayed today on your post. Is there a way I could get a copy? If so, could you please send via email @ Thanks! You truly inspire me to be a better teacher!!!!

  5. Jeanette, It's there. :) I added it to the unit yesterday. If you go to your Downloads folder you can download the revised version. The text to self is the last page. Thanks! Deanna

  6. cute! I'm loving the mummy activities! definitely adding to my files for next year- thank you!

  7. I LOVE the mummy idea! Especially the text to self page!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your sharing!

  8. I love the mummy book, I haven't seen this book, but it looks adorable! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

  9. Hi Deanna!
    I love these activities, especially the FREE ones! Thank you for sharing! We did the Frankie glyph and it looks great in the hallway!
    Also, the word chunk posters youhad before and just listed again, one question - what size would they be and can they be enlarged?
    Many thanks and take care! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  10. FINE, I ordered the mummy book..LOL! It won't be here til Wednesday of next week, but I'll still use it:) :)

  11. I love love love the Scientist Book. I've used your old one all year and now I just downloaded the new one! LOVE THE NEW CLIPART! :) Thanks Deanna! I love it all!!

  12. This is adorable! I just love your blog!

  13. Deanna,

    We just read this book! I wish I would have seen this last week. I am certainly going to save it for next year. I just recently found your blog, and I'm excited to follow you!


    Erin Klein



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