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Milestones... a warning to Mamma's

We have a few milestones happening in the Jump house next month and I am one SAD Mamma!  If you have little ones believe me... They grow up way TOO fast.  My oldest daughter, Britni is married with two babies of her own (yes... I am the "G" word)

and now my two babies who are still at home are getting way TOO big!  My daughter Taylor turns 18 in February and she will be graduating this year.

As if that isn't enough Hunter will turn 16 in February so to celebrate...

We are going on the Maiden Voyage of the new Disney Cruise this week.  YEE-HAW!!!  Since it is the maiden voyage my daughter Taylor is a little worried.  She says if they start playing Titanic music she is out of there!  :)  Ha ha!  The good news is I don't think we will come in contact with any icebergs!!

We are taking this little sweetie with us!!!  This is Madison, my 3 and a half year old granddaughter. 
Isn't she the sweetest thing ever???  My husband and I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees the Disney characters on board!

Uh-Oh!  Judging from the look on this little cuties face she knows she is getting left behind.  :(
Sorry MacKenzie... Deedee can't handle an 18 month old on a cruise. 
That would be C-R-A-Z-Y!
But you are ADORABLE!!! Note to self:  Hide all pictures that we take on the Disney Cruise so that this sweet baby will never find the evidence and be M-A-D!!

Any who.. this will be my only post this week because I have been so busy I forgot to take pictures..AGAIN! 

Penguins Unit

We had so much fun learning about Penguins this week!  We only had a three day week because of our snow days so our Penguin Fun will continue next week.  But I wanted to go ahead and share a few of the things that we did.

Wow!  We've learned a lot of information about penguins so far!  The kids wrote one new fact that they learned on a fish and we added it to our anchor chart.

We started working on our All About Penguins books.  
This is the cover and a page from one of their books.

Playful Penguin Glyphs!

The kids LOVED our Math lesson this week.  I still can't get the song out of my head though!  :)
We sang the, Percy Penguin song and then the kids had to see if he could share his fish equally with his friend, Paul.  It was so cute to see them working together to try and figure it out, especially when it was on odd number!  When we drew the number 7 and we couldn't share the fish equally I asked, "What should we do?"  and one of my little cuties said, "Throw it back!"  But we had to give the extra fish to Percy or Paul and I thought it was so sweet when one of them said, "Percy should be a good friend and give the extra fish to his friend Paul."  I love it when there's an unexpected life lesson thrown in!  :)

Here's a picture of our small group follow up activity.
We read, Tacky the Penguin and created a list of adjectives to describe him.
The kids drew Tacky in their literature response journals and we talked about what the Theme of the story was.  Several of my Little Einsteins came up with the theory that theme of the story is:  It's okay to be yourself!  Oh, my goodness!!  I just love the little thinkers that they've become!
I have tons more to share about Penguins next week! Here's our Tree Map
just waiting to be filled in with all of their learning. 

All of the ideas and activities above are included (and lots more)  in my Penguins Math and Literacy fun unit.

My friends, Kim Adsit and Kathleen Pedersen also have some adorable Penguin Math games for sale on TPT! 

So many of you have asked what I'm working on next so here's my To-Do List!
It takes me about 40 hours of computer time to complete a unit so this list is going to take me awhile! :)
If you have something you'd like to see me work on send me an email to
  • America Unit which should be completed by 1/25
  • Dr. Seuss Unit which will be completed by 2/15
  • Common Core Standards Posters
  • Popcorn Words Set 3-Finished and Posted 1/17
  • Zoo unit
  • Insect unit
  • Oviparous unit
  • Ocean unit
  • Dinosaur unit
  • Farm unit

See ya next week!  Enjoy your extra day off!

Valentine's Day Unit! UPDATE


UPDATE: The unit has been finished and posted.  Here's the link if you're interested!  I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy!   VALENTINE'S UNIT

We had a snow day here in Georgia and we have another one tomorrow!  Yee-haw!  I've been working on my Valentine's Day unit for about three days and it is almost finished.  I hope to have it finished and posted tomorrow.  I'm happy to have another stay home day but I'm ready to get to school and get started on my penguin unit.   It is sooo much fun and the kids love it!!!  I will be posting lots of pictures.  (I won't forget my camera this time... I promise!)

Thanks Babbling Abby!

After the awesome news I had from Teachers Pay Teachers last Saturday I didn't think it was possible to be blown away anymore this week!  Then, I got a message from a friend telling me I needed to check out a blog.  How on earth have I not heard of this blog before?  Have I been hiding under a rock?  LOVE, Love, love it!  What blew me away (and brought tears to my eyes...sorry I'm a sap!) was how sweet she was about my penguin unit!  Not only that but she has it all laid out on a grid!  Oh, my!  That is such a huge help for planning purposes.  Thanks so much for the shout out Abby!  Your blog is amazing!  If you've never been to her blog before here is the link.
Babbling Abby

Snowman Fun!

We only had a four day week because Monday was a teacher work day.  The kids were so excited to be back and we had lots of fun with snowmen.  I kept forgetting to take my camera to school.  GRRRRR!  I get so aggravated when I do that!  Here are some of the things we did that I took a picture of. 
We read the book from my Snowman unit and circled the popcorn words and looked for chunks in words.

We read the story, Snowmen All Year and did a directed drawing and painted snowmen.  Then, we wrote about the adventures we would have with our snowman if he stayed all year.

Before we began the drawing I folded the 12x18 construction paper to help them determine how big to draw each part.  The top section is the smallest part (hat) and the bottom section is the largest.

I had them draw the snowmen step by step with a black crayon.
We read the book,  The Snowglobe Family and made snowglobes and wrote about living in a snowglobe.
This one says, If I lived in a snowglobe I would have a snowball fight. 

This one says, If I lived in a snowglobe I would live with a penguin.

This is one of the pages from our How to Build a Snowman book.

 Adorable Snowman Cupcakes!  SnOw YUMMY!

Snowman Glyph

Here are some free snowman downloads this week!

My Snowman unit on Teachers Pay Teachers this unit is full of lots of fun stuff!

Coming next week.... one of my FAVORITE units!  Penguins! 



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