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Aliens Love Underpants!

We love the book, Aliens Love Underpants!
We made aliens and wrote about what we would do if an alien came to visit.  The kids had some cute answers. 

 This is a song I wrote.  We put it together in the pocket chart and at literacy centers they put the poem in order and drew an illustration to go with it.

This is one of our math journal prompts.

Alien Bubble Map

A mixed up sentence using some of the words from our bubble map.

The activities are from my alien unit.  This unit has lots of literacy centers, math activities, writing activites and math journal prompts.  If you are looking for some fun activities to do this unit is for you!
You can view the unit by clicking on the picture below.

BYE Bye Insects

We said goodbye to our insect unit. Every year this is one of the favorites so it is hard to say goodbye to those pesky critters and move on.  :( 

We end our unit with a class favorite... Build a Bug!  They use candy, marshmallows, and pretzels to build a model of an insect.   Did I mention how much they LOVE this activity?  Here are a few of their creations.  WOW!  My sweeties did such a good job. 

Here are some insect journal prompts that you can use with your little sweeties if you'd like.   :)
You can download them for free by clicking on the cover.  DISCLAIMER:  This is just a few prompts.  The download doesn't reflect my TPT products.  The prompts are still great to use ... this download just doesn't include any bells or whistles. 

And totally unrelated.. I was interviewed by Fox News about TPT.  All I could think when I was watching it was OH, MY WORD!  I have become my mother!!!!  :)  I told the camera guy NO closeups but he didn't listen.  GRRRR!!! Thanks again for supporting me on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I appreciate you guys so much!  You can click on the link below if you want to see the interview.

Alien Invasion

I just posted my new unit to Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can click on the cute little alien if you want to check it out.  :)
Tomorrow I will post the last of our insect unit pictures and some free downloads.  I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

Going Buggy!

Whoo-wee!  This week was CRAZY!  Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders were taking the CRCT test this week which meant no planning time and very little recess. I don't drink but this week just about drove me to it!
 I don't know about you guys but I am ready for Summer vacation.  We get out of school on May 25th so the countdown has begun.  :) 
Even though it was a crazy week we still had lots of fun learning all about insects.

We learned about butterflies and drew the life cycle of a butterfly in our Science journals.

We read, The Dancing Fly by Joy Cowley and wrote about the problem in our Literacy Journals.

These are our anchor charts where we recorded facts about each lifecyle of the butterfly.

                                         We will write about the Chrysalis and Butterfly next week.

These are our butterflies.  They turned out so cute!

Praying Mantis bubble map. 

Our Praying Mantises that we made.  I love how they turned out.

My little entomologists are writng a book about insects. 
Here are a few samples of their writing.

This one cracked me up.  It says they shed their sin... can I get an Amen? :)

We started our writing unit on poems.  In the beginning we write list poems and then we move on to other types of poem.  Here's a poem one of the sweeties wrote. It says,
New York
New York

We read, The Very Ugly Bug and did a character analysis.
They labeled the parts of the ugly buy  using the vocabulary from the story.
The pink heart tells how the bug felt at the beginning of the story.
The other side of the heart tells how she felt at the end.
After discussing the story we decided that theme was, Just be yourself!

**If you purchased my insect unit you might want to go to your account and download and print the praying mantis and butterfly art directions page.  I redid some of the measurements and directions so that they are easier to make.  If you are interested in purchasing the insect unit click on the butterfly at the beginning of this post.
Here are a few free downloads for you.  :)

Thank You for What You've Done

This is my sweet baby brother, J.R.  He was born when I was twelve years old and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!  :)  

When he was only 13 years old he was injured in an accident.  The accident left him a quadriplegic.  He can't speak and he has no control over his muscles.  He communicates with us by moving his eyes.  He looks up for yes and he looks down for no.  But mostly he just Smiles and he brings joy to us every minute that we are around him.  For many years he has been pretty much stuck at home because of no way to get around.  Medical transport will pick him up and take him back and forth to the Dr. but that's it.   Until now.... because of YOU and your support of me on Teachers Pay Teachers I was able to take part of my earnings and buy a  handicap accessible 15 passenger van.  Our whole family will be able to go to Disney World this Summer.  You have no idea what this means for my brother.  His whole life has taken on new meaning.  Now we can take him to the mall, to the movies, to the park, all the little places that we take for granted.   All because of each and every one of you.  I can't thank you enough.   The smile on his face as we took him out on his first outing is priceless.  Thank you so much for helping me change his life!

This n that!

This is another poem that I use at the beginning of our Mental Images unit.  I read the poem the first time for enjoyment and then I read it slowly a few times while the kids drew their Mental Image.

Our dragonflies... these turned out beautiful.  I forgot to take a picture of their writing.

Our story elements chart.

Going Buggy Glyph.

I've had a lot of emails asking me about my schedule and how I fit everything in.  Here's my schedule. 

8:30-8:45 Chit-Chit book (Morning Message)...see end of post for more
8:45-9:30 Specials (art, music, p.e)-this is my planning time
9:40-10:10 Shared Reading and theme study
10:10-10:40 Writer's workshop
10:40-10:55 Read Aloud/Get ready for lunch
11:00-11:30 Lunch
11:40-12:30 Centers/Guided Reading- during this time I pull Guided Reading groups while my little sweeties are working on literacy centers.  Many of the activities in my units are completed during this time.  For example, the alligator chomps book from my zoo unit was completed during literacy center time.  The dragonflies that are pictured above were done in a literacy center.  At the writing center the kids made the dragonfly and then wrote about it.
12:30-1:00 Reader's Workshop/Strategy Groups-This is when the anchor chart above was completed.  We read the story and then discussed the elements by writing them on the chart.  After this lesson the kids read from their reading bags and then discussed story elements from one of their books with a partner. 
1:00-1:30 Recess
1:40-2:40 Calendar/Math- Our math time starts with calendar, followed by a mini lesson and then math tubs.  During math tubs they work on various activities including graphs, surveys, math journals, etc;
2:40-3:20 Theme study (this is where I do my projects that relate to my projects, art projects, etc;)
3:20 Read aloud
3:35 Dismissal

**You will notice that there isn't a time built in when we go to restrooms and
that sort of thing. The kids go when they need to go UNLESS I'm doing direct
instruction. My transitions are fast and I don't waste any time. We literally
move from one activity to another. I start playing a movement song (such as The
Silly Pirate Song, My Mother is a Baker, etc;) and the kids clean up and get to
the carpet fast because they don't want to miss the song.

I talked about my chit-chat book in a previous post but in case you missed it here's some information and a picture.

CHIT-CHAT-I needed it to have a little bit more "meat" to it and I wanted it to be a way to not only cover the important skills such as phonics, sentence structure and grammar but also serve as a review for what we had learned the previous day. 
Another component of my Morning Message routine is Oral Language and manners.  My message always ends with a question.  So when we finish the written part I read them the question and the tell them to turn to their partner and "Chit-Chat". 
They learn how to take turns listening and speaking.  Once they've had a few minutes to chat about the question I ask them who wants to share.  They never know when I might say, "Who wants to share what their PARTNER said?"  This keeps them accountable for listening

Insect Unit is Finished and Posted

Hey y'all my insect unit is finally finished and posted.  Click on the butterfly to view the unit on TPT. 
Use promo code A3F9D to get 10% off your TOTAL purchase.      Lots of pictures to come this week! 


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