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Font Sale and How to Use Them

I love cute fonts and alphabets and I'm so excited because they are having a HUGE sale!  Many of their alphabets are only 50 cents each (they are regulary $4).  If you've been thinking about getting some cute fonts or alphabets to start your year off now is the time.   Just click on the pink button to the left that says 9 free fonts to start shopping.  For those of you who are new to these fonts the colorful ones are called alphabets.  They work like clipart and there is a free program that you can download called Creative Delights.  It is a super easy program to use.  :)

Question: How do I get my alphabets into the program?

Once you download the program you will need to close the program. 
Then, go to lettering delights and log in to your account.
Click on Order History
Then click on View order     From here you will need to install all of your alphabets and cliparts into the creative delights program.  To do this click on the hotlink under install file and then click RUN
Then, follow the steps.  Once you have done this for all of your alphabets open up Creative Delights and you will see it populating your list of alphabets.  This makes it super easy to use them. 

Question:  What is the easiest way to use them?

The alphabets work a lot like clipart.  Once you type it in you can't seperate it.  For example, If I want to type the words Hello There and I want it to appear as one line then I would:
1. Type it in
2. Click on the copy icon at the top and then hit the okay button that pops up
3. Open my word document and hit the paste icon.
4.  From here it works like clipart so you can make it larger or smaller just like a clipart image.

If you want the words to be on seperate lines of text then you would type the word Hello and then follow steps 2-4  and then you would go back and type the word There and repeat the steps.   There is NO need to save images as a file or do any of that I just simply copy and paste.   It is a SUPER EASY program to use once you get the hang of it.   I hope this helps you!  :)

Remember:  If you are making things to sell on TPT you have to buy a commercial license for EACH alphabet that you want to use.  They charge $15.00 for each alphabet that you buy to use commercially. 

If you are planning to purchase alphabets now or in the future please consider using the button on my blog.  I get a small percentage from sales that are generated from my blog and the money is used for outings for my brother, J.R.  Thanks so much!  If you still have questions about how to use the alphabets leave a comment and I will do my best to answer them.  :)  

AFTER you have used my pink button to make your purchases you can CLICK HERE to download the free Creative Delights Companion program.

More Labels

Here are the labels that some of you requested. (click on the picture to download them) These include the leveled reader labels A-L, the tinker toys, action figures, puzzles, etc:  and the large labels for recycling, library books and phonics phones.  These are all in one file.
I am working on the large labels for my Math tubs and I will get them posted soon.
Also, many of you have requested the pirate themed items that are in my room.  I will work on compiling them into one document and adding it as a free download to my blog sometime soon.  :)

If you've purchased the alphabets and you are trying to figure them out here are a few helpful hints.
1. They are png files so they work like clipart rather than fonts.
2. There is a special program that you can get from them for free when you purchase your alphabets.  It is called Creative Delights.  This program is SUPER easy to use! 

UPDATE on 6/27 @ 4:40 p.m.  GOOGLE DOCS is having problems.  If you are unable to download or print the labels, please try again later.  :)

Have a Great Week!

My Name is Deanna... and I have a problem

Oh, my word y'all I need a 12 step program!  I have a huge problem with collecting things.

I started cleaning out my closet and trying to organize and throw things away.  THROW THINGS AWAY??!!!!  That is soooo hard!!!  I started by taking all of my math stuff out of my closet.  I had stuff ALL over the room.  This is just a little section of the mess. 

Notice the Sonic coke.  That helps right? :)

Here's how my Math Manipulatives ended up looking.  I got them all organized, labeled and in containers.

Here's a close up of the closet.  My closet is deep so there are also containers behind the ones in the front.
To make sure I know what's in the back I hot glued labels to the side of the cabinet.  Notice the labels on the left.  That is letting me know that there is a container of bears and another container of pattern blocks in the back.   

Okay... so what is the problem you ask?  The problem is that I can't throw things away.  Remember the picture at the top?  That is a tee-tiny bit of my eraser collection.  I love themed erasers.  LOVE!!!  I think having access to different manipulatives keeps the kids excited and engaged.  They can be doing the exact same game that they did last week but if the manipulatives are different they think it is a brand new game.  So.... I'm sorry Debbie Diller.  I just couldn't do it.  Not even a little.  But I did get them organized.
Here they are.  You're probably saying to yourself, "that's not so bad.  You only have 12 containers."  Well remember when I said the cabinet is deep?  Yep.  There are two more rows of containers behind these.  So that's 36 containers of erasers.  And the bad thing is there is another shelf below this one with more containers of erasers.  My name is Deanna and I have a problem.  But at least it looks neat! 
Thanks Debbie.  :)
That took care of all of the manipulatives.  Next I had to decide how to store all of the big stuff and the games and such.  I can't tell you how many times I've found a game or activity way too late that I forgot I even had.  So I needed a way to organize it so that I would remember to use all of the good stuff that I have.   I got five large containers and I'm going to make cute labels for them.  One will be labeled Patterns and Shapes, Measurement and Money, Addition and Subtraction, Data Collection and Probability, and one will be labeled Number Sense.  This is what the bins look like.

Here's a peak inside the one for Addition and Subtraction.  You will see both homemade and store bought games, and my container of dice in dice. (these dice didn't go in the container labeled Dice because I only use these when I'm teaching addition and subtraction)  I really think this type of organization is going to work for me.  Yay!  for organization. 

Once I make my cute bin labels I will upload them here to share.  I plan to work on my language arts stuff next.  I have no idea how to even begin there!  Whew!  :)

Organization Station!

I've had a lot of requests for my bin labels so here they are.  You can click on the pictures to download them.    The ones pictured above are for my smaller math storage bins and containers there are about three pages of them.  I cut them out and laminate them on my Scotch Laminator (another one of my favorite things that I forgot to mention in my post).  Wal-mart sells them for about $25 and then I buy the thick laminating sheets from Sams really cheap.  Sams is about half the price of Wal-Mart.  Their brand is called Royal Sovereign and it is a pack of 200 pouches.  The item # is SCR-003 if you need it!  :)

To get the labels that I use on my small drawer organizers, shoebox organizers and the Large bins that you see above you can click on the picture to download them.  I created these as I needed them so they aren't in a great format!  In fact you can tell from the picture above that as I changed things around I had to make new labels.  I should have done that before I took the picture.  :)

   These are the extra large labels that I use on Milk crates.  I have a bunch of individual headsets that play cassettes so there is one for those and one that says rewind.  There is also one for my laundry hamper that holds my big books.  To print out the ones you want click on the picture above.

These are all labels from my classroom so they ARE NOT  in the best format.  Sorry about that!    If I have left some off that you need I will try to add them.  Just leave a comment and I will do my best to get them added. I am going to Minnesota for a Kindergarten conference this week so I will not get to it until next week.
Make sure you tell me what size. ex; the ones like I made for my drawer organizers, large bins, shoebox size,  extra large labels for milk crates, etc:  I won't be able to customize the sizes that would take me forever.  :)

I will add my Math tub bins tomorrow.  They are on my school computer.

The font I used is an alphabet called, Scribble Kids.  If you want it you can purchase it by clicking on the pink button at the top left of my blog.  I think it is about $4 for the set of alpha letters, numbers and symbols.
The black and white gingham border with ribbons is from djinkers.  I think it is on their Kiddlywinks cd.


Back to School Unit

WHEW!  I Finally finished it.  Click on the picture if you want to take a look. 

I will be back tomorrow with some freebies and answers to more of your questions.  I have been so busy trying to finish this unit that I haven't had a chance to post anything.  Sorry!

Team Work

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  I'm excited to announce that Julie Lee and I are teaming together to create Literacy and Math center packets to get you through an entire year of school.  Our first packet for August/September will be released sometime in July. We are going to try to keep most of the centers in black and white so that you can copy and laminate on colored paper rather than using so much colored ink.  Thoughts???

P.S. The Back to School unit will be finished by tomorrow!  I will also work on answering more questions this week.  Freebies coming bin labels, Kindergarten Assessment sheets, Parent communication sheets, and more!  Stay Tuned!

Palm Tree Directions

I'm working on answering the questions that I've been asked.  Several of you have asked how I make the palm trees that are in my room.  If you click on the picture you can download the directions.  I have to say that they are SUPER easy to make and I Love how they look in my room.  In this tree you will notice our friend Stretchy the snake.  He watches the kids during Reader's and Writer's Workshop to make sure they are sssssssstretching their words!  :)

You can take a tour of my classroom by clicking HERE.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Do you have certain items that you use in your classroom that you absolutely LOVE?  I would love to hear about them!  These are a few of my favorite things.

Heidi Songs- Oh, my word!  I can't say enough about these songs.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!  I started using them about 5 years ago and I immediately noticed a HUGE increase in my student's ability to read and spell the sight words.

I LOVE my Zune!  It makes it so easy to organize and play all of my music that we use in the classroom.

Flair pens!  Oh, my goodness!  I love these things! 

A lot of you have asked about the lettering on my charts.  One of the secrets is these Project Popperz!  Abby introduced me to these a few months ago and I am in love.  :)   They are super hard to find right now though.  I originally bought mine at Walmart and they have HOT colors like hot pink, lime and turquoise in addition to the traditional colors.

And my Cricut machine.  Oh, my word!  The possibilities are endless when you have some pretty scrapbook paper and this machine.  :)  If you are thinking about getting one DO NOT buy it at a store!  They are way too expensive at stores.  I got my brand new one for about half the price on ebay.

Children's Books...just like shoes!  It doesn't matter how many you have you always want more!

And Sonic Coke!  There are some days when I just can't make it without one!  :)

And now that it is Summer my absolute favorite thing to do is Float in the pool with my two adorable grandbabies, Madison (4) and MacKenzie (2). 
Happy Summer Y'all!

Getting Ready for a New Year and a note to ANONYMOUS who leaves mean comments

At the end of each year as I say goodbye to the little sweeties who have been mine for an entire school year I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.."  It is hard not to cry when we have to say goodbye.  Goodbye to my friend Bobby who gets my humor and constantly makes me laugh because talking to him is like talking to a 25 year old.  Goodbye to my little friend Josh who still needs me to button his pants and who reminds me of Bill Cosby everytime he speaks.  Goodbye to my friends Molly and Elizabeth who greeted me at the start of each day with hugs and ended each day the exact same way.  Goodbye to my sweet friend Emma Kate who would tell me over and over that I was her favorite teacher ever. Never mind that I've been her only teacher thus far.  :)  Goodbye to all of my little friends that I've had the pleasure of teaching this year.  I hope that I taught you well and that these lessons will stay with you for a lifetime.  We learned so many cool things this year, like when we dissected owl pellets and found not only a bird skeleton but part of a bird's nest as well.  We learned all about dinosaurs and about what the planet earth looked like back then.  I loved it when my friend, Buddy (yes that's his name) returned to school after we learned about how during the time of the dinosaurs the earth was one big continent called pangea.  He proudly exclaimed that he told his mom all about pangea and she had to "google" it.   Like all of your students, each of my little kindergarten sweeties left this year knowing a lot more than when we started. They can tell you all about a spider and how it catches and eats its prey.  They can name the seven continents and many of them can point them out on a map.  They can read, write and solve math problems.  But above all of these things that they learned I hope that they know that they are wonderful little people who taught me so much this year.  Kindergarten is just the beginning of their journey and I hope that each step along the way inspires them to always be the best that they can be!
To all of my teacher friends out there, enjoy your summer and make sure you take time to relax.  I
I will be adding new downloads each week as I begin getting ready for the next school year.
If you are looking for great ideas to start your school year you might want to check out my Literacy and Math Fun with Names unit.  It includes some of my favorite ideas to start the year and best of all it is on sale until next week!  Click on the picture to find it on TPT!
 I am working on my Back to School unit and I hope to have it finished by next week.  It will be packed full of ideas to help your first month of school be the best it can be.  It also has a lot of math activities that were inspired by the philosophy of Debbie Diller's, Math Work Stations book.

Dear Anonymous,
I'm not sure why you feel the need to leave mean comments on my blog posts.  In your past comments (which I do delete) you have said that I'm not a good teacher, have no original ideas to share and so on... so I'm just curious...Why do you visit my blog?  Do you download my freebies?  Do ANY of my pictures inspire you to try new things in your classroom?  Am I hurting you in some way?  I'm not sure why you feel the need to be so mean.  I wish I could say that your comments don't hurt my feelings, but that would be a lie.  I can get 20 positive comments to your one comment and do you know which one rings in my ears over and over? guessed it your mean one.  I really hope that you don't make your students feel the way you have made me feel.  I will say a prayer for you that whatever is making you unhappy will be lifted. 
Enjoy your Summer.


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