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Spider Fun!

OOPS!  Excuse the apostrophes above.  Geesh!  I wish I had noticed my mistake before I took the screenshot.  :)  

My spider unit is available on TPT for only $5.00  I will be adding some things to it within the next few days.  If you have already purchased it check back next weekend to get the new goodies! 
The Spider experiments and many more are available in my best selling, Simple Science Volume 1 unit.
I will be working on Volume 3 just as soon as I figure out how to add more hours in the day.  :)

Click Below for the Freebies  :)

Thank you so much to those of you who have sent emails asking about my brother, J.R. 
He is doing much better.   We were able to take him to the movies yesterday to see Puss in Boots.
His accident left him unable to speak but he was SOOO excited about going to the movies that he was making car noises the entire time we were loading him into the van.  He didn't stop smiling the entire time.
Friends, I can not thank you enough for all of your support in making these outings possible! 
I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with all of your little sweeties! 

Don't eat too much candy!!!

Thanksgiving Updates


The updates to my Thanksgiving unit are finished.  The unit nearly doubled in size.  If you've already purchased the unit (even if it was last year) you can go to TPT and click on your Downloads folder.  Scroll down to the Thanksgiving unit and click on it to download the new unit.  You can click on the pilgrim girl to check out the unit on TPT.  
Here is some of what's included:
 Originalfull color book for shared reading. The book goes to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell.
Kids will love the fun ending to this story!
Turkey pie graph math activity with full color pictures, directions, and patterns.
Original turkey poem with adorable craft activity.
Turkey glyph with data analysis sheets and Turkey Glyph book.
Boy and girl pilgrim art activity and writing templates.
Black and white emergent reader and pocket chart pictures.
Turkey syllables center activity
Writing activities, rhyming activies and More!
I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from our week.  Spiders anyone?  :)

Where's My Mummy? activities and freebies

We did a character analysis of Bubby Mummy.  We discussed how he looks, how he feels, and what he does.  I typed up some statements that were true and some that weren't true.  If the student's said that the statement was true for Baby Mummy then they had to give evidence to support why it should go on the chart.  This activity really helped my little ones think about the characters in the stories we read.  Click here to download the tree map statements.

Click on the book cover above to dowload this free resource for teaching your little scientists about the Scientific Method.

Click on the cover to view my, Where's My Mummy? unit

I'm working on updating a few of my units.  There will be additions to my Owl unit and Thanksgiving unit. 
Already purchased one of these units?  No worries!  When you purchase a unit on TPT you get all revisions and additions at no additional charge.  Even if the price goes up! 

Coming Soon ....

Frankie Friend Glyph and Free Downloads

The Frankie Friend glyph and activities are part of my Halloween unit that is available on TPT.
It includes lots of fun activiites including, The What Will You Be? shared reading text. Click on the book cover below to see the unit.

Planning ahead?  Click on the Thanksgiving picture below to view my unit on TPT.

Click on the following two images to download the "BINGO" songs and the Frankie Friend book.

FEEDBACK is important!  Hey friends, If you've purchased either of the units above and you haven't left feedback on TPT please consider doing so.  Even if you purchased the units a year ago your feedback is still important to me.  :)  You can go your downloads folder and find the unit.  Underneath it will be a flashing link to leave feedback.  Thanks a bunch!  Have a great week!  I will post more freebies soon.  :)

UPDATE:  10/12  After I posted this I looked at my Thanksgiving unit on TPT and decided that I would rather revise the unit that I already have instead of creating a new one.  So...if you purchase it now you will get all of the new stuff too!  I hope to have all of the additions completed and added to the unit by the end of next week.  Thanks.  :)

Scarecrow Fun!

For the Roll a Word you will need to write the words on a wooden cube. 
Have your students play with a buddy or literacy center group to see who can color in their scarecrow first.

Click on the pictures above to download the freebies.

The Scarecrow picture above will take you to my Scarecrow unit on TPT if you want to check it out.


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