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Arctic Animals Unit Posted

It's New Year's Eve and what am I doing?  Working on school stuff!  
I hope you guys all have a fabulous day with your families tomorrow.  
It's almost time to go back to school!

New Year's Eve Giveaway

One of my favorite people is having a HUGE giveaway!  Check out Erica's blog by clicking on the thumbnail to enter.

Welcome to the New Year's Blogging Bash Giveaway!  The contest runs until midnight on Saturday, December 31st

Snowman glyph and freebies

Need some fun snowman ideas to chase away the winter blues?
These are the Snowman glyphs from my Snowman Unit.

Here's a peek at some of the literacy and math activities included in this pack:

Here's the link to view the unit on TPT

Here are some FREE snowman downloads!


New Years Resolutions...Mission Organization

Need to get organized?  Read my post on PreK K Sharing to help you get started!

Dollar Days Sale on Adorable Fonts

Merry Christmas friends!  Dollar Days has started at Lettering Delights.  Now is the time to snatch up all of those adorable fonts, alphabets and clip art sets that you've been wanting!  Please use the Pink 9 Free Fonts button on my blog to make your purchases.  The money generated from the sales goes toward living expenses for my quadriplegic brother.    I hope you and your family enjoy your wonderful time off together!

Reindeer Lessons & Activities! (Reindeer Book Freebie)

Hello! This an old blog post from 2011 that has just been updated with my new Reindeer Unit! Here's a peek at some of the updates:

Last week was a CUH-RAZY week for my little sweeties.  In addition to all of the normal holiday craziness we were still trying to practice and get ready for our Gingerbread man play.  We performed the play for the parents on Thursday night and the kids did an AMAZING job!  But I do have to say that I am so glad it is over and I am so excited to be out of school for Christmas break!  I know that some of you still have to work a few days this week so I won't rub it in!  :)
I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday together.


Click on the picture below to download the Reindeer emergent reader for FREE!

Nonfiction writing about reindeer.

Reindeer can eat plants.

Reindeer can swim.

Reindeer have antlers.

The reindeer activities above are from my Reindeer unit
If you're interested you can click on the picture below to view the unit.

Merry Christmas y'all!  

Happy Holidays FREE emergent reader

Here's the emergent reader I promised!  It goes with the big book from my Christmas unit.  :)

Polar Express Updates

I just updated my Polar Express unit on TPT.  I added several fun math games, some sequencing cards and an Off the Tracks! sight word game.  If you've already purchased the unit go to your My Purchases folder to get the new goodies.  You can view the unit by clicking on the picture above.

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Polar Express Unit and Free Song Download LINK fixed for song

I uploaded my Polar Express unit to TPT last night.  I still have some more stuff that I want to add to it but a lot of you were emailing me that you needed it NOW!  :)  I will let you know when I finish updating it.  It is on sale until Friday.  :)  You can click on the picture to view the unit.

Linda McCardle put the song I wrote for this unit to music.  You can get the song by clicking on the link below.   Thank you so much Linda!

You can visit Linda's blog at

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Mrs. Jump's Class

Gingerbread Fun and Freebies

 These are our Gingerbread glyphs.  Aren't they cute?  I love activities that incorporate reading, math AND fun!  The kids cut all of their own pieces so they all turn out unique.  

This is the book that goes along with the glyph.  

If you've already purchased my Gingerbread Unit then you want to head back over and grab the extra pages that I'm adding.  I added the glyph book and all of the directions to the packet.  (If you're reading this shortly after I posted then you'll need to give me about 30 minutes to get this finished and added to the packet).  

THINK MATH!  Oh, my word I can't even tell you how much we love doing Think Math.  
I love it because it gives every single little friend a chance to contribute at their own level of thinking.
You can see the variety of answers on the chart.  One other thing that I have built into this activity is Give me a number.  If I call on a little friend they know that they don't have to worry.  If they are stuck they can ask me to give them a number and I will give them a number to get them started.  For example, if I have a little one who I know doesn't have a clue I would give him the number 4.  That way he only has to know that you add one more to get 5.  His little face lights up as he shouts out , "4+1=5".  Success!

My original intent for this Bubble Map was for it to be about the cookie we just ate.  So the chart was originally titled Gingerbread Bubble Map.   As we were brainstorming adjectives to describe the cookie one of my little smarties said, "trusting."  When I asked her to explain her answer she said, "Well he was way too trusting.  He shouldn't have trusted the fox because he has sharp teeth and crazy eyes."  Oh. my word y'all!  Isn't that smart?  I just love when the unexpected happens.  So this of course was the perfect time to teach them about using a carrot when you need to insert information.  Thus, the rather messy looking chart below where I had to use a carrot to add the word Man to the chart.  After that discussion another child said, "Yeah, he was so foolish!"  I die.  :)

We read a lot of versions of the Gingerbread Man and keep a journal of the different endings.
Here are a few examples from The Gingerbread Man and The Gingerbread Girl.

One of our math journal prompts.

Which part did you bite first?  Pie graph.

Class story chart to compare and contrast the stories we read.

If you are interested in my complete Gingerbread Man unit you can click on the really blurry picture below!

FREEBIES and FUN  Click below.

We are working on our Gingerbread Man play.  We do this play every year and I can't even tell you how much fun it is.  The music and play was written by Heidi Butkus from Heidi songs.  Working on this play keeps my kids actively engaged and it keeps me from losing my sanity during this crazy time of year.  Parents from three years ago still mention how special this play was to them!  Do it!  You'll love it!

Here are some pictures of our props and costumes.  The oven and bridge were made by my local high school drama department.  They only charged me $85 for the cost of the supplies.  The oven is large enough for a child to fit inside.  They left the back open so that the child wouldn't be scared.  LOVE it!

SNEAK PEEK!  I am working, working, working on the Polar Express Unit.  
Here's a few  pictures  of activities that will be included in the unit.  I hope to have the unit finished by LATE tonight. 

Pajama Glyph  

Adorable Elf activity.  

P.S. Mrs. Jump's class now has a Facebook page!  Please Like it on Facebook.
Here's the link:

Have a GREAT week friends!


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