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Penguin Plans

Next week we start our penguin unit!  I am so excited because this is one of my favorite units to teach.  
I've had a lot of people ask me if I would be willing to share my lesson plans and schedule so I'm going to try something new. My New Year's resolution is to post more on my blog so  I'm going to TRY to start posting my daily plans (READ...I will try my best but I'm not making any promises) and a few pictures each day.   Feel free to holler at me if I start slacking!  So to start if off here's a picture of our Penguin Fair shares math activity we will be using on Monday and a copy of my Monday lesson plans.  You can click on the picture to download the plans.

Almost all of the activities we will be doing this week are from my Penguin unit.  

Have a great weekend!  

NOTE:  My students start coming into the room at 8:00.  However, the school bell doesn't ring until 8:30.
Dismissal starts at 3:25 but the students stay in their classrooms until their name or bus is called for dismissal.  Some of my students don't leave until 4:00.  


  1. Oh how you make me wish I taught Kindergarten!

    ❤Jodi from...
    ★★The Clutter-Free Classroom★★
    Helping Teachers Get Organized

  2. Wow! That is a long day! I teach full day with about 1 1/2 hrs less.

  3. What wonderful things you do! You inspire me to be a better teacher so THANK YOU!

    I shared 2 penguin digraph *freebies* yesterday and a note about my Penguin on the Shelf that is coming to visit on Monday. I would LOVE for you to come check them out! =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. Thanks for sharing your lesson plans...I loved getting a peek at your day!

  5. Looks great! I would love to be a kid in your class! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  6. WOW ! 8-4!!! I can't believe it! Such a long day! I go from 8-2!

    Sweet Times in First


  7. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm going to start your penguin unit with my penguin kiddos soon, so this is a great help!


  8. Thanks for sharing your plans. It is nice to see how others plan there day. I noticed your centers-is that for one day or will the kids rotate and work on them all week?

    Thanks again for sharing your ideas you are a real inspiration to me and others.


  9. I LOVE your penguin unit! It's probably my favorite of all of your units. Thank you for sharing your talents with the teaching world!

    ♥ Samantha
    Learning with a Happy Heart

  10. Thanks for sharing your schedule. I teach 1/2 day Kindergarten and I have been overwhelmed with how other teachers fit so much in. I forget that so many are full day.

  11. Love your plans! =) I have a question! I would love to do a penguin unit, but wasn't sure what state standards I could use to go with the unit... what standards do you post with it?! I was just curious! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! You are truly wonderful!
    Under the Alphabet Tree

  12. awesome! i always like to see others''s interesting to see how different they all are. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more!
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  13. I love the unit!! I am having a hard time seeing it and I can't resize it. Could you e-mail me the lesson plan? I am a teacher in Atlanta and we have bought so many of your units on teachers pay teachers. WE LOVE YOUR CREATIVITY!!!

    Thank you,

    Robin Miller

  14. I have an award waiting for you on my blog. Stop by and check it out. :)

    Inside The Classroom-

  15. Thanks for sharing your schedule. I may have to purchase your penguin unit. I like how your whole day is tied into one theme. I usually would start Snowflake and snow units when we returned from Christmas break in Jan, but we're having unseasonably warm weather with no snow so it just seems wrong!

  16. Thank you for posting your plans. I love seeing how you chunk your time throughout the day. I must say I am jealous that you have only one class. I teach half day kindergarten and it is such a challenge to squeeze everything in that I need and want to teach.

  17. Thanks for sharing your plans! Your school day seems so long! I look forward to seeing more of your plans. :)

    Tales of a Teacherista

  18. Thanks SO much for posting your plans!!! I LOVE seeing other people's plans to see how they plan and fit things in. Sometimes I wonder how people fit soooo much into their daily schedules! Well, adding an hour and 15 minutes onto my schedule would do it!!! Jeeze! 8-4!? That's a LONG day-but would definitely be nice for scheduling!;)
    Thanks again!
    Little Warriors
    Thanks again!!

  19. My students start coming into the room at 8:00. However, the school bell doesn't ring until 8:30.
    Dismissal starts at 3:25 but the students stay in their classrooms until their name or bus is called for dismissal. Some of my students don't leave until 4:00.

  20. I can not believe you teach kindergartener's for that long!!!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing! I thought I had it bad having students arrive at 7:20AM, but we dismiss at, it is nice to see that the grass isn't always greener...I'll keep my early schedule and be happy! I too love to see what others are doing.

  22. Thank you so much for posting your schedule for Monday. I am going to begin using your penguin unit activities on Monday too. I would love to see how you implement your penguin unit. :)

  23. Your penguin plans are quite timely for me- we are starting an Antarctica unit next week. Thanks for all of the inspiration!
    I am giving you an award and linking you on my blog. Come and visit at

  24. Wow - that is a LONG day..... You have a terrific site here!

    ­ Kindergarten Lifestyle

  25. First of all... I LOVEEEE YOUR BLOG!! I enjoyed checking out your schedule. I noticed that your schedule does not include a time for developmental centers. I struggle with this. I think the kids need this time.. but there doesn't seem to be time in our schedules for it anymore. Any thoughts??

  26. Wow. It must be nice to get to do your plans however you want! Love the penguin fair shares! Do y'all not have a reading series? I would love to get to teach this way, but unfortunately, TAP tells me I can't. :( Thank you for inspiring me to try and work around my limitations! I also love that your kids stagger in... that must make it so nice in the mornings!

  27. Sharon Mittelsteadt2:51 PM, January 08, 2012

    Hi, Deanna, I purchased this unit last year and love it. I teach grade one and find the activities appropriate and fun. Thank you for the effort to post your daily plans. I will work one week behind you and look forward to this so much! Sharon M. Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

  28. I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! Yours was one of the first blogs that I saw and I never thought that I'd ever be a blogger. Now, 3 months later, I have my own blog and have opened my TPT store. I aspire to have as many followers as you! Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us teachers.

    :) Michelle

    Our Sweet Success

  29. What a nice information you posted here. Your blog is well managed and beautiful too. thanks.

  30. I LOVE your blog. Your units are awesome and has certainly got me out of a slump. I have a question regarding your readers of your activities was to teach if what they read sounds right? Can you give some suggestions as to how you do this? Do you use big books and change the words? Any tips would be great.

  31. I am sooo excited because I finally get to teach your incredible penguin lessons! We are introducing our new story for this week called "If You Could Go To Antarctica" and this is going to fit perfectly into what I have already planned! Thanks Deanna!



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