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Penguins Day 4 New glyph book added

These are our penguin glyphs that we made last year.  
I can't wait to make these little cuties tomorrow!
I just added a new penguin glyph book to my unit!! 
If you've already purchased the unit go to your My Purchases folder on TPT 
and you can print out the new booklet for your little sweeties to use as they plan their glyph.  


  1. Wow, your lesson plans are so detailed! I like how you have one page per day. Thanks for sharing!

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  2. Deanna - you are so on top of things! Thanks so much for your plans this week. We are just starting penguins and it's great to see what others do in detail. Have a wonderful Friday!

    Ѽ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

  3. I love the new Penguin glyph book. Thanks!

    Primary Junction

  4. Thanks for sharing your lesson plan page... I was thinking or redoing mine. I like how your page is for one day. You could easily leave it for a sub and you could reuse it each year.


  5. Sharing your lesson plans helps me so much. I am new to kindergarten teaching and you have great ideas. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor.

  6. Thanks for sharing your plans. These are wonderful!

  7. Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. There is a great book called The Truth About Penguins by Meg McKinlay. Published in 2011. I've used in the past 2 years with Year One and Two classes here in Australia. Wonderful for teaching fact and opinion and misconceptions. Hopefully it's available in the USA.
    Love your blog. Carmel

  9. Looks wonderful!! I have a question though. My kids seem to just be getting the ability to write one sentence on their own (I like, I see, I have). Does anyone think they'll struggle with the "all about" book? Any experience?

  10. Question... when you type up your lesson plans, are you using Word? If so, do you know of a way to "lock" your cells? I haven't been able to figure that out and I hate when I have to adjust my text because it is making the cells change size.

  11. After 28 years of teaching, your site has really inspired me to be more motivated and creative. I look forward every day to see what you and your class are up to! I was wondering if you could talk a little more about the end of the day routine where the children have a book bag? Also, any chance you could post a template for your lesson plans? Thanks so much for all you do.

  12. Quick question about your plans. I have been searching for smartboard calendars and I can't seem to find one. Is yours one you made or is in one you found out there in the cyber world?

  13. Your ideas are so wonderful! I'm soo looking forward to getting this and many of your other units. I was wondering if you would be having any sales in your tpt store in the near future? Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us?.

  14. I have to let you know that although I have been teaching over 40 years, yes, you are reading correctly, I think your work is awesome! I am relatively new to kindergarten and am loving it! I am just as excited about each new year as I was when I started my career at 20 yrs of age. Your lesson plan template is just what I have been looking for. Would you please make it available to us? I am required in my state to do 6 point lesson plans for each subject. But your template is relevant and useful! I have purchased much of your work. Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do!

  15. WOW!!!! You are amazing! Thanks so much for your wonderful posts and ideas! They are so much fun and I can't wait to use them in my classroom!

  16. Deanna,

    God has blessed me by discovering you and your blog a long time ago! You inspired me to start my own blog. I try and use my blog to encourage other teachers with TONS of *freebies* but more importantly by giving reminders to us all about loving each of our kiddos unconditionally.

    I share many poems I have written about looking at each child with Eyes of the Heart and one titled Everyday Heroes. I would love for you to come visit sometime and read some of the poems under my "teacher inspiration" label. One poem is titled "In This Room" and I think it is your room! =)

    I have tons and tons of penguin *freebies* and I shared one yesterday (a penguin short vowel sort). I would love if you let your readers know about them. They are all *free*!!!

    I would love for you also to read about our We Care is one of the sweetest things ever and really helps kiddos who might be feeling sad or angry.

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a better teacher and thus touching the lives of my kiddos too!

    blessings to you sweet Deanna,

    Heather's Heart

  17. Hi, I follow your teaching Pinterest finds. I am doing the rounds spreading the Pinterest love at the moment. I've just put a link on my blog to add your latest teaching ideas and discoveries from Pinterest if you are interested. Either link up your pinterest board or a post from your blog about your current faves.
    You can find it here, From Mrs C @ Excuse Me! Mrs. C

  18. Wow!! Great ideas. You have quite a LOOONG day at school. We're out at 2:35. I'm always scrambling to fit everything in.




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