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Alphabets and Fonts Clearance

If you love cute fonts then you don't want to miss the clearance sale at Lettering Delights.
Many alphabets and fonts are on sale for as low as 50 cents!  My favorite alphabet is the one shown in the picture above.  It is called Scribble Kids.  You can get all my favorites in the bundle called,  Top 10 Fonts and Alphabets of 2011.  The entire bundle is only $8.00

Please use the pink button to the left of my blog post that Says 9 Free Fonts to purchase them.  If you are unsure how to use them they are EASY PEASY!!!!  

Here's the post I did last year telling you how to use them.

I love cute fonts and alphabets and I'm so excited because they are having a HUGE sale!  Many of their alphabets are only 50 cents each (they are regulary $4).  If you've been thinking about getting some cute fonts or alphabets to start your year off now is the time.   Just click on the pink button to the left that says 9 free fonts to start shopping.  For those of you who are new to these fonts the colorful ones are called alphabets.  They work like clipart and there is a free program that you can download called Creative Delights.  It is a super easy program to use.  :)

Question: How do I get my alphabets into the program?

Once you download the program you will need to close the program.
Then, go to lettering delights and log in to your account.
Click on Order History
Then click on View order     From here you will need to install all of your alphabets and cliparts into the creative delights program.  To do this click on the hotlink under install file and then click RUN
Then, follow the steps.  Once you have done this for all of your alphabets open up Creative Delights and you will see it populating your list of alphabets.  This makes it super easy to use them.

Question:  What is the easiest way to use them?

The alphabets work a lot like clipart.  Once you type it in you can't seperate it.  For example, If I want to type the words Hello There and I want it to appear as one line then I would:
1. Type it in
2. Click on the copy icon at the top and then hit the okay button that pops up
3. Open my word document and hit the paste icon.
4.  From here it works like clipart so you can make it larger or smaller just like a clipart image.

If you want the words to be on seperate lines of text then you would type the word Hello and then follow steps 2-4  and then you would go back and type the word There and repeat the steps.   There is NO need to save images as a file or do any of that I just simply copy and paste.   It is a SUPER EASY program to use once you get the hang of it.   I hope this helps you!  :)

Remember:  If you are making things to sell on TPT you have to buy a commercial license for EACH alphabet that you want to use.  They charge $15.00 for each alphabet that you buy to use commercially.

If you are planning to purchase alphabets now or in the future please consider using the button on my blog.  I get a small percentage from sales that are generated from my blog and the money is used for outings for my brother, J.R.  Thanks so much!  If you still have questions about how to use the alphabets leave a comment and I will do my best to answer them.  :)

AFTER you have used my pink button to make your purchases you can CLICK HERE to download the free Creative Delights Companion program.

Mother's Day Book

Please note: This unit has been updates and the pages have a new, fresh design.

TWENTY DAYS UNTIL SUMMER!  But who's counting?  Not me.  20 days....!!!

I love my little sweeties but I am so ready for days that don't start with an alarm clock!

We've been working on our Mother's Day gift book and I wanted to share some of the pages with you.
So STINKIN'  Cute!  Seriously! I love their pictures and writing.  I hope their mommies will love it too!

When my mom is driving she yells at people.

I love the speech bubble!  GO PEOPLE!

When my mom is driving she smokes a cigarette.

(wow!  that is one big cigarette!)

When my mom is driving she talks on the telephone.

When my mom is driving she listens to the radio.

To relax my mom likes to lay on the trampoline.

To relax my mom likes to lay out in the sun and tan.

(love the bikini!)  Note to self:  Start working out.  Seriously!
Put down the Sonic coke and work out!!!

To relax my mom likes to take a bubble bath.

To relax my mom likes to lay down in the bed.

Lucy's drawing of her mom for the cover.  LOVE it!

If you want to check out this unit click on the picture below.

Atlanta Fun with Friends

Oh, my word, y'all!  I am so excited to tell you about the great time I had in Atlanta last weekend.  I feel like I've made some new lifelong friends.  On Friday night I met  Anna Brantley of Crazy for First, Erica Bohrer from Erica Bohrer's First Grade and Cheryl Saoud of Primary Graffiti.  Cheryl is the one who arranged this whole weekend meet up and I'm so happy that she did. We stayed up almost all night talking and we hit it off like we had known each other forever.  Anna lives in Georgia like I do but Cheryl drove up from Florida and Erica flew all the way from New York!  So sweet!   I'd love to tell you all about Mr. T-Rex  but one of my sweet friends would totally kill me so we will save that for another time (when she isn't reading this)!
The next day, Cheryl arranged for  Hope King from Second Grade Shenanigans, Ashley Nichols from The Polka Dot Patch, Jenaya Shaw from The Lesson Plan Diva, and Dana from 3rd Grade Gridiron to meet us at our hotel.  Oh, my goodness.  I did not want to stand or sit next to any of these people to get my picture taken.  They are all so stinkin' ADORABLE!  

This is how I felt standing next to these cutie patooties!
And YES!  I am the oldest in our group and the only one who is the "g-word

We rode together to The Cheesecake Factory in style!!
It is nice to stay at a hotel that has free limo service because I 
am all kinds of cheap when it comes to that kind of stuff!

I have no idea what we are laughing at....
Mr. T-Rex maybe?

Limo fun!

We ate at the YUMMY Cheesecake factory.  The cherry cheesecake was all kinds of delicious!  

 Erica, me, & Anna

 Jenaya, Dana, Cheryl, & Hope

 Anna and Ashley

Erica and Anna

Me and Erica

I just love these ladies and I enjoyed talking to them so much.  I didn't want the weekend to end. (But I think Hubby was ready for me to come home)
 We will have to do this again soon, y'all!!

I can't wait to meet more of my friends in Vegas this summer.  Woo-hoo!!!

Compound Eyes

We had a lot of fun looking at the world through a bug's eyes!   
We did the science exploration from my insect unit and then created this anchor chart to show what we found out.  My sweet little friends Lucy and Caroline did the drawings for the chart.  

Butterflies and vocabulary

I received a few comments on TPT this week about my units {the buyer stated that the Vocabulary   was inappropriate for Kindergarten kids} and it made me start thinking about how different we all are as teachers.   We have different philosophies about HOW and WHAT children should learn.  Some of us are given teacher manuals and basal programs to teach from {my district doesn't use a reading program} and many of us are given a framework to use to guide us in our instruction.  I believe that learning should be FUN, MEANINGFUL and ENGAGING.  I want my students to be excited to come to school every day.  I want them to be so excited about what they are learning that it is  the topic of dinner conversations.  I've had parents tell me that their entire dinner conversation revolved around regurgitation and how penguins feed their babies (appetizing, huh?) and I've also had a sweet little friend tell me that when he tried to tell his Mom about pangea she had to Google it.  Yes, I teach these vocabulary words to Kindergartners and they know what they mean and they can have a meaningful conversation about them.    I use these big vocabulary words and put the definition in simple, kid friendly terms.  Then, we interact with the word.  Sometimes we act out the word and sometimes we draw it or complete an art project to help us gain a deeper understanding of the word.  We made the butterflies in the above picture after learning about butterflies and SYMMETRY.

The chart above shows  some of the vocabulary words we learned during our butterfly study.

Butterfly writing.  I just love the growth I see in my Kinder kids writing.  They are doing an amazing job with stretching and writing their words.  

Notice the word oviparous in the writing above.  This word is spelled correctly because it is on our insect anchor chart.

Interactive writing for the life cycle of a butterfly.

*** I will be adding a lot of new stuff to my insect unit this week.  If you've already purchased it stay tuned for the updates!  :)

Also,  I'm working on a FROGGY unit that will include some activities based on the books by Jonathon London and some nonfiction frog activities as well.

*clipart by

I would love to know your thoughts about teaching higher level vocabulary.   Please comment below and let me know what you think!  

Is It an Insect? Emergent Reader freebie

Hey friends!  Where on earth does the weekend go?  It just flies by!  I always have this list of things that I'm positive I will be able to finish and then WHAM!  It's Sunday evening and I'm only halfway through the list.  Goodness gracious!!!  This is a sad week for many of us.  STATE TESTING!!!
That should be a four letter word y'all!  Thank the Lord my sweet Kindergarten kids don't have to take any test but our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders do.  ALL week!  Which means we have to use our teeny tiny voices all week and we are practically trapped in our classrooms until testing is done for the day.  {sigh}  It is going to be a LOOOOOONG week!  Prayers for the teachers and students who have to take the tests and prayers for those of us who have to try our very best to keep little ones quiet!  I hope that one day we will have some folks making decisions who actually KNOW what is BEST for kids!  Can I get an AMEN?  and maybe a little prayer that getting on my soapbox doesn't get me fired?  ;)

I made a little emergent reader for this week.  You can click on the image above to go to TPT and get it for FREE!  Working on another freebie for tomorrow. 

Insect planner

Hey Friends! I hope you are having a fabulous week.  The good news is tomorrow is Friday!  Can I get an amen? We are right in the middle of our insect unit.  You can click on the mini-planner below to see how I plan it out.   This mini planner includes the activities we do during our whole group reading/science instruction.

For those of you who are waiting on the  Common Core Essential Questions for First Grade, I promise I am almost finished.  I am so sorry that it has taken me so long.  Here's my confession....

Yep!!!  I could not put this book down and then I couldn't put book 2 or 3 down either!  
Oh, my word y'all they are sooooo good!  I've finished all 3 books and I'm so sad that they are over.  Someone contact Suzanne Collins and ask her to please write another one!!  
It is easy to see why my friend Tracee Orman's unit  is such a HUGE seller on TPT.
My team is divided at school  most of us loved the books but a few aren't fans.
If you've read the books I would love to hear your thoughts!

Insect Book Corrections

OOPS!  I made a teeny mistake on the insect book!  You can download it again by clicking on the butterfly.

What is an Insect? Free book

Oh, my goodness I am so enjoying my Spring Break!  But what do we all do even when we're on vacation?  We work on school stuff.  It drives me slap crazy that I can't shut the teacher part of me off!  Any who, I'm gearing up for my insect unit next week and I'm working on a few new things so I thought I'd share.  Click on the butterfly above to download an emergent reader to help your little entomologists learn all about insects.  I will be uploading a few more freebies at the end of the week.  
Enjoy the rest of your week! 


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