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Surfing Through the Year

We made this super simple, cutie patootie Surfboard craftivity and writing project to display for our Pirates and Parents Open House.  They turned out so stinkin' cute!

close up of the cute toes

cover page of the book

This year I learned how to....

be a kid that is smart.

speak like a pirate.

read to my teacher.

These are my friends.
We like to...

play hide and seek.   
(Notice that Maci is it!  I love the details in this illustration). 

play on the monkey bars.

This is what my teachers look like.
My teachers are...


 so sweet.

the best teachers in the world.

My favorite thing I learned about this year is...

I learned that if you don't cook it right you will get killed by it.

(My word this one cracked me up!!!  When we were learning about sharks we read that more people get killed by pigs than sharks.  We scratched our heads and said, "HUH?"  so of course we had to google it and find out.  We found out that more people die from eating pork that wasn't cooked properly than from a shark attack.  OH!  Why didn't the book just say that!  We were picturing Pigs that attack!  :)

I learned that they roll in the mud to cool off.

Next year I plan to include a monthly writing sample in these surfing books to show our writing growth as we surfed through the year!  

If you are interested in this activity you can view it here.


Classroom Tours

Last year on Blog Hoppin' We did a fun linky party where we invited everyone to show off their classrooms.  If you are looking for inspiration for next year you might want to check out the post.  You can check it out here.

How to Make a Palm Tree

Happy Summer Friends! Last Friday was our last day of school and like all of you I'm already thinking about next year. :) I brought home my palm trees because they were getting a little raggedy and they needed a makeover. So I thought I'd take step by step pictures for those of you who want to make one or two...or three!

To start you will need:
an umbrella (I used my husband's golf umbrella because I wanted the tree to be pretty big)...SHHH don't tell him!
carpet roll
approx. 20 paper grocery bags
15x15 piece of plywood
 23x4 piece wood
approx. 5 yards of fabric
hot glue gun
5 yards of fabric
Stiffen stuff spray (optional)


1.  Screw the pieces of wood together as shown.

2.  Place the carpet roll over the piece of wood.  

3.  Open your grocery bags.  

3.  Make a hole in the bottom of the bag.

4.  Working from the top of the bag start folding the bags down toward the bottom.  
5.  After you get the bag rolled all the way down you will need to work the wording toward the inside if it shows. (you are essentially turning the bags wrong side out.)

This is how it should look when you are finished rolling.

6.  Start placing the bags on the carpet roll. 

7.  Keep adding the bags until your carpet roll is completely covered.  

I forgot to take pictures of steps 8 -10.  Sorry!  :(

8.  Strip all of the fabric off of your umbrella.  
9.  Cut palm tree leaves from your fabric.
10.  Place the naked umbrella's handle in the top of your carpet roll.   
11.  Smoosh the top bag down a little so that you have room to work and then one at a time position your palm tree leaves over the spokes of the umbrella and glue in place.

NOTE:  I chose a polka dot fabric because I am doing a Seuss Theme and I thought it looked a little more whimsical (yes, I know I should do Truffula trees but I like my palm trees).  

12.  If desired spray the leaves with Stiffin Stuff to make them a little firmer.
(I don't know why this made me chuckle to myself).  :)

The kitchen is obviously not a good setting for this cutie patootie palm tree.  The pictures do not do it justice at all.  
Here's a picture of my palm tree from last year with our Stretchy the Word snake peeking out at you! honest!  What do you think of the polka dots?

Pout Pout Fish song and video

My kids love the Pout-Pout Fish and I can't wait to play this video for them! I love how he took the text and set it to music! Happy Sunday, Friends!

Oceans and Pirates and Fun, OH, MY!

Good News...... After next Wednesday I only have two more days of school left!
Bad News....First, I have to survive until then.  :)
SERIOUSLY!  What makes the last two weeks of school so tough.
The kids start acting all kinds of crazy and us teachers are just plain TIRED!!!
I think that this is God's way of helping us send those little ones off without it crippling us with sadness.  Think about it.... we've spent 180 days with these little people.  They've hugged us 1,000 times, told us they loved us and that we are the BEST Teacher EVER!  We've watched them blossom into readers, writers and mathematicians.   :)  After all the time that we've spent with them, it should be devastating to send them on to someone else to love and nurture.  BUT.... WHAM!  The last two weeks of school are so CUH-RAZY  we are more than happy to wave goodbye on the last day of school.   
Thank you, God for allowing me to teach these little sweeties and thank you God for summer.

So....The last day of school we are having our Pirates and Parents picnic.  It is an Open House of sorts, and we decorate the room to showcase our learning.  Here are a few pictures from last year.  I will add the pictures from this year once we get the room decorated.  

These are our pirate glyphs.

Pirate Science Experiment.

I am working on a recording sheet and directions for this.  I will add it here as a free download this weekend.

Pirate cupcakes!  ARRRRR!

Our crabs and crab nonfiction writing.

Rub a Dub Sub (from my Ocean unit)

Pout-Pout fish directed drawing and text to self connections.

Most of the ideas and activities above come from these units.

Oceans of Fun!

I got up bright and early this morning and drove 2 hrs. in search of the perfect wedding dress for my daughter Taylor.  SUCCESS!  But, I'm one tired mamma so this is going to be a super quick post! We just started our ocean unit.  Nothing gets boys excited more than sharks!  (okay...maybe dinosaurs...but they still LOVE sharks too).

We used interactive writing to label the parts of a shark.

Comparing sharks and whales.

Schema Chart

Writing samples

I'll be back soon with more Ocean stuff.


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