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Surfing Through the Year

We made this super simple, cutie patootie Surfboard craftivity and writing project to display for our Pirates and Parents Open House.  They turned out so stinkin' cute!

close up of the cute toes

cover page of the book

This year I learned how to....

be a kid that is smart.

speak like a pirate.

read to my teacher.

These are my friends.
We like to...

play hide and seek.   
(Notice that Maci is it!  I love the details in this illustration). 

play on the monkey bars.

This is what my teachers look like.
My teachers are...


 so sweet.

the best teachers in the world.

My favorite thing I learned about this year is...

I learned that if you don't cook it right you will get killed by it.

(My word this one cracked me up!!!  When we were learning about sharks we read that more people get killed by pigs than sharks.  We scratched our heads and said, "HUH?"  so of course we had to google it and find out.  We found out that more people die from eating pork that wasn't cooked properly than from a shark attack.  OH!  Why didn't the book just say that!  We were picturing Pigs that attack!  :)

I learned that they roll in the mud to cool off.

Next year I plan to include a monthly writing sample in these surfing books to show our writing growth as we surfed through the year!  

If you are interested in this activity you can view it here.



  1. Another great creation Deanna!! I love your work!! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. This is the cutest thing EVER!!!!! I'm in love with those toes!!!!

  3. You are just all kinds of amazing!

    Those toes are so stinkin' cute! =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. Replies
    1. Ha! I LOVE your blog name! CAH-UTE!!!!!

  5. LOve those feet!
    I wish I could find skin colored paper in Spain.

    1. No skin colored paper? Wow! Will Lakeshore Learning ship to you in Spain?

  6. I am still dying over those toes. So toe-tally CUTE!!!! ugh. I have to scroll up again and look.

  7. I love how one of your cuties spelled teachers. Can we call each other chechers now???? All I want is to be the best checher in the world!!!! Too fun.

    Sprinkle Teaching Magic

    1. I know right!? Kindergarten writing is the best! Let's start a new club and call it The Best Chechers in the world!

  8. So much fun! I am sure we will be using this next year!!! Love it!


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Well I want you to know that I really like the kid that wrote about the pig!! I am known as the "Pig Teacher" at my school because I have such a huge collection of pigs in my classroom given to me by colleagues and students. So now all the kids know me as the "Pig Teacher"! It all started by accident several years ago with a pig bulletin board I had, and I have been the "Pig Teacher" ever since. I even have previous students that still bring me pig stuff! I love it! So of course the pig writing caught my eye! love the surfboards.

    1. Ha! I would love to see pictures of your collection. :)

  11. This is so darn cute!!! I am definitely going to do this next year. Love the surfboards & yes, the toes are so sweet!!

  12. I am so in love with those toes. Especially love the skin colored paper!! Out of school for the summer, but definitely going to need to add this to my summer unit for next year.

  13. I am always AMAZED at your students' writing ability! I feel like my top kids are just starting to write and my babies are still trying to master letters. We start our phonics program the 6th week of school and learn one letter per week. We also write together as a class. I would love to have my kids writing like yours! I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have. I'd like my babies next year to be writing/reading on a higher level. I have 22 kids without an aide, but I know many teachers in the same boat who manage to teach writing well. Thanks in advance to anyone who might have advice!

    1. Hi Kinderjules, I keep deleting and retyping my response to your question because I'm so worried I will sound mean. :) I've decided to just blurt it out. So here goes...STOP TEACHING LETTER OF THE WEEK! Sorry for the shouty capitals. I'm not shouting at you I'm just passionate about that. If you are teaching one letter of the week and you start at week 6 then it would be 32 weeks into the school year before you hit all the letters. I realize that some schools have a program that you have to use. Well...spend about 2 minutes doing what the manual says and then teach with fun and excitement. :) I teach all of the letters all at once! I do this in the context of authentic reading and writing instruction. At the beginning of the year we do a Names unit where we do all kinds of math and literacy activities with our names. We also do a lot of the Heidi Songs for letters and sounds (love her stuff!) We read and write every single day starting on the first day of school. I had a lot of kids at the beginning of the year who knew zero letters and couldn't even write their name. By the end of the year they were ALL reading and writing. I promise if you give up letter a week you will see an AMAZING difference!

    2. Don't worry...I hear your heart in your response :) I understand and hold the same frustration toward letter of the week curriculum. Even though we start reading CVC words after learning the first few letters, I'm missing the whole "authentic" part of it. Here's where I get stuck though. I've imagined the classroom I want-full of authentic reading and writing, but it seems daunting to start. Curriculum seems to bog me down and I get unsure as to how to begin. I have your Names unit and some of Heidi's DVDs and plan to use them to begin next year. Then just go from there? Thanks for your response!

    3. Deanna, I'm jumping in here -- hope you don't mind!

      There are some really great writing books out there -- one I'm working on now is called Talking, Writing, Drawing -- it starts off with kids telling stories, and using their illustrations to tell stories. Once they get the idea of what a story is all about (we all know that some have barely even been read to at home) they start writing stories with their pictures -- then when they see you model writing enough during shared writing, they will begin to experiment with writing letters - it may be a string of letters, but hey, it means something to them, right! Another book that is really great is Katie Wood Ray's Already Ready and About the Authors. I have written a whole research paper about writing in K if you are interested. Just let me know!

      I am in total agreement with Deanna about letter of the week. You can still follow your letter of the week curriculum and have a FOCUS letter of the week, but still teach ALL of the letters ALL of the time! My goal is to have all of my kiddos know their letters and sounds by Thanksgiving. With standards the way they are now, we have to teach with intention and with a sense of urgency!
      Growing Kinders

  14. I Love this as a yearly writing growth tracker. You can't get cuter than surf boards and surfing. So great for Redondo Beach kiddos! I'll have to pick this up.



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