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In Pictures and In Words- Illustration Techniques

Welcome back to the second week of our book study which covers  the 50 illustration techniques that demonstrate "Good Writing" I have to give a shout out to Deedee Wills for working so hard to get this book study up and running!  
Katie Wood Ray does suggest book titles, but merely as a way to introduce these illustration techniques.  She recommends searching your current book collection and reading these books with a new eye... the eye of an illustrator/writer.

Each illustration technique is organized in a different way.

1. Something to Notice-Names the illustrative technique.
2. Illustrative Example-Tells you how this looks in a picture book.  
3. An Understanding for Young Writers and Illustrators-Involves the kind of thinking you might do with the technique.
4. In a Teacher's Voice: An Idea for Trying it Out-This helps you think about how you might invite your students to try it out.
5. A Writing Connection-This makes the composing connection between writing and illustrating. 

Chapter 7:  Ideas and Content
Katie writes, "Illustrators have to decide what they are going to picture in the picture, writers have to decide what to write about." (p.96).  Essentially, which ideas and content should be included and what should be left out.

This section has 12 illustrative techniques.  Here are just a few.

Henry's Freedom Box is written by Ellen Levine.  This is a story of a young boy who escapes slavery by hiding in a wooden crate.  It is beautifully illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Technique #4:  "An illustration may show two sides of a physical space simultaneously: inside and outside; above and below."
When discussing these types of illustrations it is important to discuss why both sides of the same space were illustrated.  In this picture you can see Henry the crate while making his way to freedom.  You get the sense of how close to detection and danger he really is.
 The pictures in this book are BEAUTIFUL!  

Scarecrow is written book by Cynthia Rylant. It is illustrated by Lauren Stringer.
This is one of my favorite books y'all!
 Technique #1:   "Illustrations have distance perspective:  a central image may be pictured as far away, close up, or any distance in between."

The first page of this book reads, "His hat is borrowed, his suit is borrowed, his hands are borrowed, even his head is borrowed.  And his eyes probably came out of someone's drawer."

In the next illustration, you can see the scarecrow as a tiny figure and  he is difficult to see. The setting is more prominent, but as a reader you REALLY want to see what he looks like.  
 The following page offers a clear picture of him.
 Technique #2:  "Illustrations have positioning perspectives: a central image may be pictured from the front, the back, the side, above, or below."

Writers use words to create their scenes and illustrators use pictures.  The text reads, "Yes, birds, Crows, crackles, starlings, jays.  Ask them how they feel about a scarecrow, and they'll say, 'Lovely'.  They ignore the pie-pan hands and the button eyes and see instead the scarecrow's best gift: his gentleness."

 This illustration supports the idea that the scarecrow and the birds are friends... doesn't it look like they are talking?

Link up with Mrs. Wills and you could win.

Which reminds me!  I need to pick a winner for the $25.  Gift certificate that I blogged about last week.  
I will announce the winner July 5th!  :)


Binder Covers

Hi Y'all,
This is a repost from last Summer.  It includes my PIRATE binder cover and some management notes.
I just finished up my new Seuss binder cover and I will post it tomorrow as a free download.

Pirate Themed Classroom

Ahoy There Me Hearties!  Many of you have told me that you plan to have a pirate themed classroom this year.  This is such a fun theme!  This week I will be posting some of my ideas and printables to help you get started with this theme.

I use P.I.R.A.T.E. binders in my classroom to help keep us organized. Each child gets a 1" notebook.  
This is the cover.  I laminate it with my Scotch laminator (so that I can reuse them for several years) and slide it in the front pocket of the binder.   I print out labels with each child's name and put them on the spine of the binder.  Click on the cover to download it.
Inside the binder I put the agendas that our school requires us to use,  a zippered pouch for when they need to bring money and several copies of the following notes.  I run the absence notes on turquoise copy paper and I run the change in transportation notes on a different colored paper.   When a parent fills out one of the notes they take it out of the three ring section and place it in the front pocket which is labeled  Notes from School and Home.  You can click on the notes to download them.

Sorry y'all I know this isn't much!  Consider it a teaser.    AAAAARRRRRGH!  :)

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I'm getting ready for Vegas and I made some new Phonemic Awareness and Phonics activitities for my ALPHAPALOOZA session.  If you're interested you can check out the unit here.
*If you purchased the unit last night or this morning you will want to go to TPT and get the revised version.  I added a blackline emergent reader to go with the Shared Reading book.  Have a GREAT weekend friends! 

For those of  you who aren't able to go to I TEACH K! in Vegas I will be posting lots of pictures and ideas in mid July.  :)  For those of you who are going don't forget to sign up for the Vegas meet up!  I can't wait to meet you.

In Pictures and in Words Book Study Part 1

Deedee Wills kicked off our book study and she did such a great job that I just want to add a few little snippits.  By sharing some pictures of student writing from my classroom.   One thing that really stood out to me in this book is the idea that it is OKAY to slow down and take our time.  Writers don't have to jump right in and start writing "words" to create meaning.  Each time they pick up a pencil or a crayon they are making meaning through their illustrations.  I'm excited about really zooming in on book illustrations and lingering over the pages just a little bit longer in my writers workshop lessons.  Here are a few pictures of times when my little writers told a story through their pictures. 

This one says, Mrs. Jump is beautiful. 
This little guy did such a great job with his illustrations that you would have totally known exactly what he was writing about.  I mean, Hello?  I think that looks exactly like me.  Don't you?

The cutest part of this story is that when I conferenced with this little friend I said,
"Can you tell me about your writing?"  and he turned to me and put one hand on each of my cheeks and he looked in my eyes and said,  "Mrs.  Jump, you are so beautiful." 

Be still my heart.  I LOVE this little guy!

I said,  "Oh, that is so sweet.  Thank you!"
I wish the story ended there because that is a beautiful story I tell you (that's my inner Junie B. talking).  But like any little man in training he just didn't know when to end it. 
 So....I'm sad to say he followed up with, "Yeah, I just love all those little wrinkles by your eyes."

This one is from a reading response activity where they wrote aout The Gingerbread Girl. 
Her meaning is clear by looking at the illustrations.
We can tell that she is telling us about the Little Gingerbread Girl riding on the back of the fox. 

In the book Katie Wood Ray states that when we teach through illustrations children are encouraged to linger longer wil illustrations, to use color and other media to make meaning, and to expand what the words say by intentionally composing with illustrations. 

My friend Deedee gives a more in depth summary of the first 6 chapters of the book.  You can read her post by clicking HERE.


I'm getting ready for Vegas but I wanted to do a quick post to tell you all about an AMAZING new place to purchase books for your classroom.   I LOVE how the books are sorted by
Comprehension Strategy, Genre, writing traits, Common Core standards and more!  Seriously, I love books so much!  I'd rather spend my money on books than food or shoes or clothes or chocolate (Okay, that's going a little too far) but you get my drift.

You can check out this awesome new website by clicking on the link on the left of my blog bar.  It looks like this


Check out the website and enter to win a $25 gift certificate by commenting below with the title of your favorite book that you found on the site and telling me about it.  :)  I will pick a winner at Random on July 5th.  :)
P.S. The best thing about the $25 gift certificate is that when you spend $25 you get FREE shipping!
Here's my favorite book.

                                 How to Heal a Broken Wing

I purchased this book last year and my class loved the beautiful story about a little bird who is lying on the sidewalk with a broken wing.  Everyone is in such a hurry that they walk by without even noticing.  Everyone that is, except a small boy.  He takes the bird home and cares for it until it is ready to be set free.  This is a beautiful story about love, hope, caring and giving of oneself to care for others.  Last year I used part of this story for a lesson on zooming in on a small moment.    

Okay,  tag YOU'RE it!  Find your favorite book and tell me about it!

P.S. My friend Kim Adsit just released a GREAT resource for Readers Workshop.  It includes mini lessons, anchor charts and much more!  You can check it out here.


What happens in Vegas....Stays in Vegas!

In just under a month, I'll be in sunny Las Vegas with some of my FAVORITE teacher/bloggers!  I will be  presenting at I Teach K and attending some fabulous presentations as well!.  Then, on one night {July 10th}, we are having a meet-up for teacher/bloggers:

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BTW.... excuse the crazy things that are happening with my blog background.  It should be fixed soon!  

Froggy Fun!

I love Jonathan London's Froggy books and so do my little sweeties.  We had a lot of fun with this mini unit.

Our froggy glyphs

Character Analysis chart

We made Froggy cupcakes and wrote about it.


I have to give a big shout out to Nikki at Melonheadz Illustrating.  I LOVE her froggy clipart!

In Pictures and In Words book study!

Hey Friends!  Nothing says summer like, book study!  Woo-Hoo...I love diving into a great book that will help me learn and grow as a teacher.  So put down your copy of Fifty Shades of Gray ;) and grab this book!   This year we will be diving into Katie Wood Ray's Book, In Pictures and in Words.
I'm so excited to participate in this book study with all of my bloggy friends.   
Who better to help me think more deeply about this text than you guys?

When does it start?  
On June 22nd, Deedee Wills will launch our study on her site.  Then each week another blog will host a section of the book. 
How do I participate?
You will want to follow the blogs who are hosting the chapters (so you won't miss anything).

If you have a blog:  You can create a post (using our guiding questions) and link up with the hosting blog.
If you do not have a blog:  You can simply comment on the blog with your reflections.

The beautiful thing about blog book studies is you can check in whenever you want.  If you have plans during this time of year... no worries... The information will be here waiting for you!

What is the schedule?
Below is a book mark to help you along the way.  It has the hosting blog, dates, and guiding questions.
Simply print it out and keep it with you as you go through the book study.

You bet!  We will give away gift certificates for books from
BTW... The Clever School Teacher is a GREAT place to purchase books for your Readers and Writers Workshop.  I LOVE how they have all of the books organized.  You really need to check it out.

We have more exciting news about this book study soon!  Yipee!

Tell me you are as excited as I am?

Literacy Center icons Rewind!

Need some help managing your literacy centers?
Click on the picture above to revisit my blog post and get my icons for free.
**My theme this year is changing from pirates to Seuss so stay tuned for the new management system!
Have a great week friends!

Organization Station...Rewind!

I've had my blog for awhile so I thought I'd go back and revisit some of my old posts that might be helpful to you!  Don't cheat by exploring on your own. :)  I'll be back tomorrow with another rewind!

Organization Station!

Click on these two links to visit my posts about organization and download my free labels.  Sorry....I'm trying to move classrooms and get ready for I TEACH K! so I don't have time to make any custom labels.  However, if you like the font it is called Scribble Kids and you can purchase it by clicking on the Pink 9 FREE FONTS button on the left hand side of my blog.  The money generated from the button goes toward living expenses for my brother, J.R.


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