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Sale Extended

Due to technical problems with TPT the sale on seasonal items has been extended through midnight tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!


  1. Thank you Deanna!!! I was getting so frustrated because I wanted to get several of your products and I couldn't get the site to cooperate. I will try again in the morning. :0)

  2. Whew... thank goodness! I was getting a little sweaty! Is there a code that needs to be put in?

  3. Hi there~
    Oh Thank Goodness!! I have been trying to checkout numerous times, and it won't let me. I have 9 items in my cart, and it won't let me move! Ugh!!!
    Thank you for extending the sale!!!

  4. So glad however every time I try to get the common core math it says that item is not there it has a missing link :(

  5. Hi Deanna,

    You can't imagine my shock and excitement when I found your response to my comment on July 24th. It was like I'd just met my favorite character at Disney World!!!lol Seriously, I can only imagine how busy you are and to think you took the time to respond. Just more proof of how precious you are and such a generous, sweet spirit!!! I also noticed you reponded at 2:48 AM, bless your heart! I'm beginning to realize many of us are working at that time of day!

    I was sooooo excited to find the Winter Activity Unit and Alphapalooza Unit on sale! Yay!!! They are AMAZING! I love, love, love them! I can't wait to use them with my kiddos! Thank you again for all you do!!!


  6. I was trying to use the coupon that I won from your workshop in Normal, IL. TpT does not except it in the promo code box. Am I not placing this number in the right spot?

    Thanks! I really enjoyed the workshop!! and learned a lot.



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