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Owl book pictures and a cool video!

Due to a request I am posting some pictures from our owl books.
Some of the kids chose to color their pictures and some of them chose to leave them black and white.
I told the littles that it was up to them.  However, {NO Haters, please }  I did tell them that since this
was a Nonfiction book the owls had to be realistic.  NO PURPLE OWLS, thank you very much. ;)

They did a BEAUTIFUL job on their illustrations if I do say so myself.
One thing I usually do when we are doing this type of book is to show them HOW to draw using their shapes.  I am no artist by any means but you can draw almost anything if you use your shapes!  

This is an anchor chart we made to illustrate the meaning of the phrase, night owl.  

I found the COOLEST video of a Great Grey Owl on YouTube.
Click on the owl to view a really cool video of a Great Grey Owl hunting.

If you don't have access to Youtube at school you can save videos to your thumbdrive by going to and entering in the link to the video.  Easy Peasy!  

I have to give a huge shout out to some of my AMAZING friends!
TPT has not only been a blessing to me financially it has also brought some wonderful ladies into my life.
After spending hundreds of  hours (yes, that is probably an accurate number) chit chatting with these ladies 
I seriously couldn't imagine my life without them.  

So, I'm a little embarrassed to share this but... y'all are my friends too right?
The girls were teasing me about my recent milestone and they say that I could wipe my hiney 
with $100.  bills!  Ha! {The IRS got most of my money}  
They are so silly!  Anywhoo, Erica brought me my very own pack of $100.  bill "napkins".

Here's a list of my sweet friends who were with me in Chicago.
 Cheryl from Primary Graffiti
Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants
Kim Adsit from The Kinder Gals
Lindsey from The Teacher Wife
Kathleen from Growing Kinders
Michelle from Fabulous in First
Amanda from One Extra Degree

It's Owl Right! Owl fun and Freebie!

Learning about owls is always so much fun!
This was the perfect opportunity to learn about the "ow" sound.
This is the chart of words we thought of. Notice that there is also a place to record ou words.

Our cutie patootie Owl glyphs

We made a graph to show our data for each question.

A close up of our owl glyphs.

Shhhh......sleeping owls.

We made a picture chart for some of the owl vocabulary we learned.
Doing this together gets them ready for the vocabulary work we will do in our Bat unit 
that's coming up.

We dissected owl pellets!  If you haven't ever done this it is a must.  
It is so stinkin' cool.  I order my pellets from
I order one pellet for every three kids.

Before we started we made our predictions.
NOTE:  You can download this for free at the bottom of the post.  

Digging in....
They have gloves,  a toothpick and a bone chart.

Matching up the bones.

Owl information charts.

Click on the picture below to view my owl unit.

click on the image to download the Owl pellet dissection sheet for free.

Build a Pumpkin Freebie! LINK IS FIXED!

Click HERE to download the file.

Last year,  I shared this fun activity we did with pumpkins and a sweet friend asked me to upload and share the spinner and recording sheet.  So here it is!  Just click on the picture to download it.
All you need to do is laminate the spinner and add a paper clip and a brad.   
To play the students take turns spinning the spinner to see which piece they get to add to the jack o' lantern.  
For the pumpkin pieces you can purchase them at Wal-mart.  Make sure you take a picture of your little pumpkins with their one of a kind Jack o'lanterns.  

Spider Fun and Freebies!

                                               Click HERE to download the pie graph

Click here for the free book.

Some of the above activities can be found in this unit.  


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