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It's Owl Right! Owl fun and Freebie!

Learning about owls is always so much fun!
This was the perfect opportunity to learn about the "ow" sound.
This is the chart of words we thought of. Notice that there is also a place to record ou words.

Our cutie patootie Owl glyphs

We made a graph to show our data for each question.

A close up of our owl glyphs.

Shhhh......sleeping owls.

We made a picture chart for some of the owl vocabulary we learned.
Doing this together gets them ready for the vocabulary work we will do in our Bat unit 
that's coming up.

We dissected owl pellets!  If you haven't ever done this it is a must.  
It is so stinkin' cool.  I order my pellets from
I order one pellet for every three kids.

Before we started we made our predictions.
NOTE:  You can download this for free at the bottom of the post.  

Digging in....
They have gloves,  a toothpick and a bone chart.

Matching up the bones.

Owl information charts.

Click on the picture below to view my owl unit.

click on the image to download the Owl pellet dissection sheet for free.


  1. The sleeping owls are TOO cute!
    Thank you so much for sharing your creativeness! I have your owl unit, and I love it :)

  2. Hi Deanna! I love reading your blog! I have a quick question about your classroom library. I only have room for 12 tubs of books for the kids to access (I have WAY more books). How are you organizing these? I noticed that you had some tubs labeled "picture books" and "non-fiction". I am having a hard time getting away from my old categories. I would love to hear your ideas on this topic.
    Thank you!

  3. Is the bone chart in your owl pack?

  4. Looks adorable! I think when we go full-day kindergarten next year I'm going to have to do an owl unit! :)

    Ѽ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

  5. Your owl anchor charts are too stinkin cute! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing.

    A Day in First Grade

  6. The owl pellets are very cool- I wonder if there are any other animals that you can dissect what they ate? I bet teacher pellets would be very interesting- we eat all kinds of weird stuff!!
    Love your anchor charts!

    Going Nutty!

  7. I love the sleeping owls! So cute!

  8. Deanna, I just LOVE this! Owls are my favorite and I'm so excited to add your ideas to my great big book of owl resources!

    Thank you for sharing!!

    Little Miss Primary

  9. So excited to see all of your fun owl activities. Our local Wildlife Refuge Rangers are coming to our classes soon to do the owl disection with our students. As always, thanks for sharing!


  10. Those huge owl info charts and sleeping owls are just too adorable!
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  11. What a creative way to teach students how to read words with -ow. I love reading your blog. I just started one too. Please check it out if you have some time:

  12. What a creative way to teach students how to read words with -ow. I love reading your blog. I just started one too. Please check it out if you have some time:

  13. O.M.G. those are the cutest stinkin owls!!!! Thank you for the amazing freebie! :)
    Also, I just signed up for the FL Kinder Conference and I can NOT wait to learn from you in PERSON! After finding your website {not blog} 3 years ago my teaching life has changed so much!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  14. Those huge owls are awesome! I have an owl theme, so you've got my wheels spinning. We did owls last week, brainstormed, planned and wrote sentences and made a cute little owl too. Love the owl vocabulary.

  15. I love all of your owl ideas! I'm very interested in doing the owl pellet lesson. Could you tell me exactly which product you order from the owl pellet website? There are lots of choices of owl pellets. I'm not sure which ones to order. I found the bone sorting sheet listed.
    Thank you!

  16. I absolutely LOVE your owl activities! Next year I want to have owl week in addition to bat week and pumpkin week. :) I've been a cow fanatic for years and couldn't give them up but I LOVE owls too so my classroom board reads "Who's in the Mood for Learning?" with an owl and a cow! (Too funny). Do you have any cow resources? Just curious... I am in awe of what you do. I'm still a newbie in the blog world and now the Teachers Pay Teachers world. You are an inspiration!


    P.S. This may be a silly question but how do you link to your blog in a reply box? Usually I can figure things out but this is something that keeps eluding me!

  17. Your owl activities are awesome. Very colorful. And I love huge owls! Thanks for posting your great ideas.


  18. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who likes to have her kids dissect owl pellets in kinder! Other teachers make fun of me for doing it. I am totally fascinated by it. I find when the teacher is excited about something the kids are equally excited. Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration. You make me want to be a better teacher every day for my kids.

  19. thanks for sharing.

  20. Do you have your owl lesson in a format I can print out?



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