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Owl book pictures and a cool video!

Due to a request I am posting some pictures from our owl books.
Some of the kids chose to color their pictures and some of them chose to leave them black and white.
I told the littles that it was up to them.  However, {NO Haters, please }  I did tell them that since this
was a Nonfiction book the owls had to be realistic.  NO PURPLE OWLS, thank you very much. ;)

They did a BEAUTIFUL job on their illustrations if I do say so myself.
One thing I usually do when we are doing this type of book is to show them HOW to draw using their shapes.  I am no artist by any means but you can draw almost anything if you use your shapes!  

This is an anchor chart we made to illustrate the meaning of the phrase, night owl.  

I found the COOLEST video of a Great Grey Owl on YouTube.
Click on the owl to view a really cool video of a Great Grey Owl hunting.

If you don't have access to Youtube at school you can save videos to your thumbdrive by going to and entering in the link to the video.  Easy Peasy!  

I have to give a huge shout out to some of my AMAZING friends!
TPT has not only been a blessing to me financially it has also brought some wonderful ladies into my life.
After spending hundreds of  hours (yes, that is probably an accurate number) chit chatting with these ladies 
I seriously couldn't imagine my life without them.  

So, I'm a little embarrassed to share this but... y'all are my friends too right?
The girls were teasing me about my recent milestone and they say that I could wipe my hiney 
with $100.  bills!  Ha! {The IRS got most of my money}  
They are so silly!  Anywhoo, Erica brought me my very own pack of $100.  bill "napkins".

Here's a list of my sweet friends who were with me in Chicago.
 Cheryl from Primary Graffiti
Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants
Kim Adsit from The Kinder Gals
Lindsey from The Teacher Wife
Kathleen from Growing Kinders
Michelle from Fabulous in First
Amanda from One Extra Degree


  1. How awesome that you all were able to get together and celebrate your amazing milestone!

  2. LOVE THIS! LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for being such a great friend!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your trip looked like loads of fun. It's so crazy that y'all are wearing coats! It's so hot here in Florida ... STILL!
    I am really glad that you had this opportunity to celebrate and hang out with such wonderful people. Next time, invite me!!!
    You, Kim, and Deedee are my heroes!!!
    Love ya,

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your owls! Too precious to NOT post!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  5. That is so awesome! Love the $100 bill story!!! :)
    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  6. The $100 bill story is too classic! So proud of you!

  7. That was a clever little gift. I have to say it again, but you are such an inspiration. When I first started following was on your class WEBSITE - believe it or not. I was immediately hooked and in awe. I'm a huge fan {you know this already}, and hope that you will bring the gang out to Denver for a meet-up.

    P.S. I sent you an e-mail about the hats Deedee shared with you...let me know what you think.
    Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

  8. That´s so cool you got to hang out with all those teachers:) If you can believe it were going to have a little tpt gathering here in Panama soon...really looking forward to girl time:) Keep up the good work!
    the traveling classroom

  9. Looks like so much fun! This blogging world is so friendly!! My goal is to get to know you all better and to have something to contribute!

    Terri Izatt

  10. Congratulations on your milestone!! Thanks so very much for sharing that awesome information about KeepVid!! YouTube is blocked at my school and my kinders were really missing out. Thank you so very much for sharing!!!

  11. I LOVE your owls! You must have had a great time in Chicago. My daughter attends college there, so we get there quite a bit! She wants me to come and run a Santa 5K in December...It's very tempting!
    Owl Things First!

  12. How fun! I am totally jealous. Y'all are a hoot! I am glad you had such a great time. :)

  13. Chicago ! I'm moving there in 2013! Looks like you all had a blast! My brother once gave me a $1 million bill (fake obviously) as a joke. Maybe that can be your next gift!

  14. The owls are very cute!

    Ohh, and I'm so glad that you are leading the way for teachers. You are an inspiration!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  15. Chicago is a great place to celebrate your milestone! I am a Cubs season ticket holder and am up there a lot (I live 35 miles away)... you have to go back during baseball season even if you aren't a fan and soak up the atmosphere!

    Congratulations on your HUGE accomplishment. It is so amazing to see a teacher in business articles!!! Not only are you an entrepreneur, but your products are truly amazing and save us all time, and your success and talent are inspiring! I have started a blog and a TpT site recently (once I finally finished my pesky Masters'), and am excited to be a part of such an amazing network. I'd be happy with 1/10... wait, 1/100th of your success. You go, girl!

  16. I love love love your night owl activity that you did with your kids!!! I am such a night owl myself and am totally going to "borrow" that idea! We are doing nocturnal animals this week in Kinderland over at my school:) Thanks for posting and congratulations on all of your success! Have a great week!

  17. Deanna, you are amazing. You were the first author on TPT that I saw and I think you have made a lot of your cash from me..haha...I am just getting started in blogging and in publidhing on TPT. I think you should do a seminar...share how to get going..but in any case, you are marvelous. I tell teachers in my school about you all the time and now they are going to TPT and purchasing items.

  18. Hi!
    My name is Joana, I am 24 years old and I am from Portugal (next to Spain).
    I am a primary school teacher in a private college and this is my third year of teaching. Since last year I discovered many blogs like yours through “Pinterest”.
    I implemented some of your ideas and I am fascinated by your creativity, cooperation in classroom, independence and autonomy that you give to the children.
    I’d tried to do many things similar to yours but they were not always well accepted by my director and coordinator, because innovation makes a difference, and in making a difference insecurity is more than often created!
    I wonder if there’s any possibility to do an internship in your school, to learn and see, in practice, what I visualize in your blogs.
    I’d love to get an international experience for about one or two years in your country.
    My partner, Tiago, is also a teacher. He teaches English to Kindergarten and primary school children. He wanted to go to China but for me, it’s too far, and then there is the difference in the culture and language which would cause other types of adaption, which I feel would impede my spontaneity. He would love to learn new approaches and different strategies in his field.
    My e-mail is:, and I trust that you will be able to assist me in improving my educational skills. If it is necessary to give my contact to another person, please feel free to do so.
    With my best regards,
    Joana Fernandes

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  20. Love the realistic owls! Looks like you gals had too much fun in Chicago! :)

    Teaching Maddeness
    PS - I'd love for you to come enter my giveaway to win a FREE monogrammed Grateful Bag! (You need somewhere to keep all of that money - ha!)

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