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Today, we made our adorable soldiers for Veterans Day. They turned out so cute!   If you already have this unit go to TPT and download the new additions to the unit.  I've added a new shared reader, emergent reader and patterns for the soldier.  You can download the new editions by going to your My Purchases folder.  


  1. How adorable! I live close to an Army base (in a town near Ft. Rucker, AL... not all that far away from you!) and MANY of my students have parents who are active duty. I am always looking for ways to honor those who have served!
    Your little people/animals/etc. always turn out so cute!!

    -Katie P.

  2. Deanna, I just re-downloaded the Veteran's Day unit. I bought it last year and LOVE it! My kids had the best time making the solders! I was so glad to have this, because I think it's so important to recognize these wonderful, brave people. However, when I re-downloaded, I didn't see any patterns. The picture in your post shows a pattern, but I couldn't find that. Do you know if I'm just not seeing something, because of a glitch in my downloading? Please let me know, because I would love to do this with the patterns. Thanks!

  3. We are making our soldiers tomorrow!!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the emergent readers. Keep adding them!! :)
    Thanks SO much!

  5. I have been making these adorable soldiers of yours for three years now and it is one of my favorite projects to do with the kiddos!!!
    Love it!!!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  6. Hello! I have a general question... Love all of your art projects to go along with your themes. Do you pre cut all the parts and pieces before hand? Just noticed many of them are exactly the same size and shape... Thanks so much for always sharing your lovely ideas :)

  7. This is my favorite unit that I have bought from you and from all of the things I have ever bought on TPT! The soldiers always turn out so cute!!! I did the wall of honor this year and my coworkers are jut so amazed. It turned out so cute in my hallway. I emailed a pic of the wall to you yesterday. I hope you got it. : )

    Thanks for being an inspiration!!!!!

  8. Your little soldiers are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  9. I just downloaded the unit for the updates and I can't find the patterns, am I missing them somehow! Thanks for your awesome unit like usual:)

    1. Hi Julie, The patterns are at the very end of the unit. Try logging out of TPT and logging back in so that it will refresh your purchase links. If it still doesn't work email me at

  10. Genius! As a first year teacher with limited resources, Veteran's Day was a little difficult for me to plan an interesting lesson. I love this!

    Oh and just thought I would share this great shop that my colleague has started! She creates custom work for individual students! It's great for parents that don't know how to help their kids at home! It'd be great if you'd spread the word :)

    Love your blog!



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