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Scarecrow Fun and Freebies!

For the Roll a Word you will need to write the words on a wooden cube. 
Clipart courtesy of DJINKERS
Have your students play with a buddy or literacy center group to see who can color in their scarecrow first.

Click on the pictures above to download the freebies.

The Scarecrow picture above will take you to my Scarecrow unit on TPT if you want to check it out.

Announcing the Cameo Winner...

Sorry y'all!  I was supposed to announce the winner last night but we had some unexpected events going on and I didn't get to the post!  So.... here it is the moment you've been waiting for!

Merritt,  You will be receiving an email from Silhouette America next week!

Apple Unit UPDATES

I just revised my Apple unit and it doubled in size.  If you purchased this unit previously please go TPT and get the revisions at no additional charge.
To get the updates sign into to TPT.  Then, click on the green MY PURCHASES tab at the top of the page.
Then find the link to the Apple unit and download the revisions.  
I will be updating and adding to my FARM UNIT & SPIDER unit next.
*If you don't own my Apple unit you can check it out by clicking on the cover image above.

Silhouette Cameo Give away!

Do y'all remember when I posted about my LOVE for the Silhouette Cameo?  {Read Below for a refresher}  Well guess what????  I am giving one away to one luck winner!
The winner will be chosen on September 27th  
And all you have to do is......

                                 1.  Follow the Silhouette Pinterest board:
2. Apply for the educator discount: 
3.  Follow my Facebook page:
4.  Leave ONE comment below letting me know that you've completed the steps above

This is a Silhouette Cameo and y'all can I just say that I am in LOVE with this machine!  Seriously!
How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

1.  It is much smaller than my other machine (you know the one)  and a lot more lightweight.

2.  The program is super easy to use.   My friends will tell you that I am not techy at all!  
So if I can use this machine you can bet that it is easy!

3.  NO CARTRIDGES!  Did you hear me?  I'm yelling because I am so stinkin' excited about this part!
I don't have to spend $80.  on a cartridge that has one set of alphabet letters.  This machine lets me use the clipart that is already on my computer.  Did I mention I'm in love??

All I needed for my projects was vinyl and transfer paper.  

Here's my machine getting ready to cut the vinyl.

Using transfer paper....

The pink letters didn't show up well enough so I removed it and started over with black.
(SUPER EASY to remove if you want to remove it)

 Here is my finished Tote for Writer's Workshop.  I'm going to use it 
to hold all of the supplies I need for my conferring with my kids.
I will just carry it from place to place as I meet with my students.

Pick a stick.... I'm going to add popcorn words on these for the kids to read at a center.

This is my Kiss Your Brain container.
I stopped at Wal-Mart today to buy the kisses and I ate way too many!
Note to self:  STAY OUT of the Kiss Your Brain jar.  These are for the kids NOT you.  :)

close up....

Hand Sanitizer with initials.  I'm going to make these as gifts for the teachers at my school.
Super cute and it will be super easy with my new Cameo.

Colorful Cats and Chicka Chicka Fun Freebies!

Oh my goodness y'all!  It has been so long since I did a blog post.  When I signed in I got an error saying I wasn't recognized.  Okay, well not really but it has been awhile.  Shoowee!  Do y'all think parents know how hard we work at the beginning of the year?  Usually a Sonic coke provides a pick me up but even that hasn't helped.  My get up and go, got up and left!!!   The good news is that we all get through it and by October we are usually well into our routines and feeling fine.  How many more days until October?  :)

Alright, so here are some pics of things we've been doing.

Colorful Cats Glyphs...

Our Colorful Cats Data Analysis sheets...

Rainbow Milk Science Experiment

GRRRR!  I couldn't for the life of me get the picture to quit turning sideways!  Blogger needs to get a rotate button.  SERIOUSLY!  
This is one of the emergent readers we did.  The kids circled the color word and highlighted the capital at the beginning of the sentence at the punctuation.

We used Skittles to do some fun (and yummy) 10 frame math!

The activities above are just a small sampling of my Colorful Cats unit.  You can click on the cover below to check it out if you are interested.  

I love the poem, Rainbow Hair.  

Click on the picture below to download the Freebie from TPT.  

Unrelated but fun.....
Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom!  

Chicka, Chicka name trees from my Names unit.

coconut science.... Will a coconut sink or float?
click on the picture below to download the free recording sheet.  I included two different versions.

Click on the picture below to download the freebie from TPT.



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