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Just how BIG is a walrus anyway?

We read that a walrus can grow to be up to 12 feet long and that his tusks can be 3 feet long.
The kids weren't quite as impressed by this info. as I was so I decided that we should make a life size walrus so that they could see just how BIG that actually is.
The walrus was so big that we had to hang him in the lunchroom.  

In the middle of the walrus is all of the information that we learned about walruses.
As I was uploading the pictures I realized that on one of the post it notes I wrote their instead of there.
GASP!  I hope no one notices it before I can get to school and change it.  That's what happens when you are trying to write really fast so that the littles don't start swinging from the light fixtures! ;)
And now I'm realizing that I must be really tired because their is in fact correct.
Sorry y'all!

Here's  a picture of how we measured out 12 feet.
We used a yard stick to measure each kid and then we figured out which kids we could add together to equal the length of a walrus.

Excuse the terrible pictures.  I forgot my camera today and my phone doesn't quite do the trick!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

Thank you so much to all of you who entered my Arctic Animals giveaway.  I really appreciate the overwhelming number of entries and all of the sweet comments.  Have I told y'all lately that I  love y'all?  Seriously!  Because of the large number of entries I decided that five winners just wouldn't cut it so..... 
 Here are the names of the FIFTEEN winners!  Yep!  I told y'all I love ya!  :)

 Betsy Brown        Charlie85748      Ramsey       Debi       Andrea      Kelsey Anderson    Ms. Swanson
 RLindle                Kathleen Schill    Jat0121      jag_08     teaching with laughter         Stacey Linch     Mrs.  Ryan

Check your email ladies!

If you didn't win don't worry!  My sweet friend,  Deedee Wills is also having a giveaway!


Arctic Animals

Next week we will be starting one of my favorite units,  Arctic Animals!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. King

On Friday we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
To start the lesson I read the book from Rachelle Smith's unit.
We discussed what it would have been like to live in a time when people were treated so unfairly.
Then,  I passed around a brown egg and a white egg.  We discussed what we noticed about the outside of the eggs.  What were the differences?  Similarities? (Note: the egg lesson isn't part of Rachelle's unit).

Next, we cracked open the eggs and examined them.
We found out that even though the eggs looked a little different on the outside 
they were exactly the same on the inside.

We used this lesson to talk about the importance of treating each other fairly.
It doesn't matter how someone looks on the outside.  What matters is what is on the inside. 

We used the writing templates from Rachelle's unit to record some important information about Dr. King.

We had fun completing her word search that included some important vocabulary words.

We watched a You Tube video of Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech.

The kids wrote about their dream to make the world a better place.

I have a dream.... that people would love God.

I have a dream.... that everybody would get along.  

{I LOVE the BFF's in the speech bubbles ;) }

 I have a dream.... that everybody was rich.

I have a dream...that the people will not go hungry.

This one doesn't really make the world a better place but it is just too cute!

I have a dream.... that I would have a baby sister.

Thank you, Dr. King for your courage and determination to help make our world a place where all people are treated equally.

Popcorn Word Unit Update

If you already own my popcorn words set 1 you will want to go and download all of the new, updated pages.  This unit has completely been redone.  :)
Click on the image above to take you to the unit.  

More Penguin Fun!

We finished our All About Penguin books and made a flow map that tells the story of the Emporer Penguin. 

The kids drew the pictures and then we put them in order to make our flow map.

Regurgitation anyone?

These are a few of the pages that are inside our All About Penguins books.

I love how this Little drew his picture.
Notice that he drew a penguin flying and then put a circle around it with a line through it.  
Then he drew a penguin trying to flap his wings and a tear in his eye because he can't fly.
LOVE it!

Just how hard would it be to try to take care of an egg and still move around?
To find out we used  Nerf Jr. Footballs for our penguin eggs.

Then, we had penguin relays to see who could finish the race first.
We found out that it is very difficult to keep the egg from falling when you are trying to walk.


The Littles wrote about it in their journals.
(Sorry!  This picture would not cooperate).

Are you taller, shorter or the same as an emporer penguin?

Penguin Video and FREEBIES

WOW!  This video is so amazing!  This quick video will allow your kids to witness the mother penguin handing the egg over to the father, the long grueling winter and the birth of the baby chick. Did I say AMAZING??!  Tomorrow we are going to do a relay race where the kids have to use their feet to hand off the egg to each other.  Pictures coming soon!

Need more penguin ideas?  View these posts for freebies and ideas from my penguin unit.

Hang on y'all!  Tomorrow is FRIDDDDAYYYY!

Penguin Updates and a freebie from Deedee Wills

We started learning about penguins this week. These little creatures are fascinating and adorable! We are learning all about  If you have my Penguin unit you may want to go and download the new vocabulary pages and glyph book that I added.  Just go to the My Purchases tab and download the revised unit.  :)  

 Here are a few pictures of some things we do during our penguin unit.
Penguin facts-the kids each wrote a fact about penguins on a fish cut out.

Our penguin glyphs and glyph books from my Penguin unit.

We did a directed drawing and bubble map for Tacky the Penguin.

My friend,  Deedee Wills made these mixed up sentences to use with her little sweeties and she sent them to me and said that I could share with y'all.  Thanks, Deedee!
Click here to download the sentences.

Click on the picture below to view the unit on TPT.  

More pics and cool videos coming tomorrow!  Stay tuned.  :)


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