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Reading Week Giveaway!

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Jump over to my sweet friend, Deedee's  blog to enter!
But be QUICK!   This giveaway will be over FAST!

Fish Out of Water! Math Game FREEBIE!!

My littles LOVE this fun game so much!
I hope yours will love it too.
I just posted it on TPT as a freebie.
Some of you may already have it because it was included in
my Dr. You Know Who unit which is no longer available.
You can click on the picture above to download it for FREE. 

NOTE:  The answers to the problems are typed really, really tiny inside the fish bowls so your littles will need a magnifying glass so that they can check their answers.

I'm off to put my pajamas on wrong side out and do the PLEASE, BRING SNOW SO WE CAN HAVE A DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL DANCE!  I'm going to have to do a really good job because today was 60 degrees so there isn't very much hope! :(

Cutest Valentine Book EVER!

Oh, my word!  I love books. Better than shoes, better than candy,  better than... well you get the idea!
I have tons and tons of books but I still buy more.  All. the. time.  The UPS guy and my hubby are on a first name basis.  :)  In fact,  if I stop ordering books from Amazon our local UPS will probably have to lay off half of their workers.  Seriously!  Anywhoo.... I just had to share this adorable book that my daughter found.
I read it to my littles today and they LOVED it.  Like the I had to read it at least five times kind of love!   Leon made a Valentine Heart for his one true love, Zoey Maloney.  But... the Valentine Heart ran away.  Will Leon be able to get the Valentine back in time to give it to Zoey?    You can click on the picture below to check it on Amazon.

After we read the book we made our own Valentine hearts like the ones in the book and wrote the story map on the back.  

Who Would Win? FREEBIE

Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight?  Jerry Pallotta has a series of books called,  Who Would Win? These books are AMAZING.  The pictures and facts grab the attention of the Littles and keep them hanging on every word.  Before I read them the story I asked them,  "If a polar bear and a grizzly bear got in a fight, who would win?"  I had them complete the first section of their WHO WOULD WIN? paper by drawing their prediction and stating their reasoning.  Then,  I had them draw another picture to add to our class graph.  We discussed the results of our graph and our thinking.  Then,  I read the story and we were amazed to find out that a Grizzly Bear would probably win.  We talked about the evidence in the text that supports the authors reasoning.  Then,  I had them draw and write about what we found out.

Up close picture of their cutie-patootie drawings.

 Click on the picture below to download the recording sheet.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.K.8 With prompting and support, identify the reasons an author gives to support points in a text.

There are several books in this series so I didn't add the title to the recording sheet so that you could use it for any of the books.  

Have a great week!

Valentine Unit UPDATES

Hey Everyone,
I just updated my Valentine's Day unit and added the Emergent Reader to it.  If you have already purchased this unit please go to TPT and download the revisions.

Here's a link to the post about Valentine's Day.

Also, If you don't have this little packet.... go get it.  It is FREE!  :)
Click on the picture below to download it.

So sorry that I haven't been blogging a lot lately.  My son is a senior and we are extremely busy with Varsity Basketball.  I promise I will post some of our new activities and a freebie Tomorrow night!!!  

Super Sale!

Are You Ready for Some TPT Shopping?

Are you ready to shop?  It's time for another BIG TpT sale event -28% off!  My friends and I are so excited to team up together for the big sale!  Don't you just love the cute graphic Amy made?  
Don't forget to enter the coupon code "SUPER" at checkout to get the full 28% off!  
Happy shopping to you!
Here are of a few suggestions from my store.


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