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How to Catch a Leprechaun

This week we are working on my St. Patrick's Day unit.  
We made our Leprechaun glyphs and wrote about
How to Catch a Leprechaun.

These are some of their drawings they did in their journals.  It's so easy to teach them how to draw if you do step by step modeling using simple shapes.

This was mine that I modeled on the Smartboard.
Notice that it isn't perfect and it's all made with simple shapes.  

Tomorrow we will be doing a Catch a Rainbow experiment.  Stay tuned!

P.S.  I will be presenting at the New England Prek- 3 Conference in April.
I would LOVE to see you!!!  Click on the picture below for more information.



  1. These are so cute! I absolutely love St. Patrick's Day!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. Love it ! Our school is full of leprechaun "spotting" posters and contraptions to catch leprechauns ! It is so great to see the first graders use their imaginations as to how and where the wee ones have been ! :)

    Ms. D's Literacy Lab

  3. Thanks for sharing all the St. Patrick's Day ideas - it sure is a busy time with Easter right around the corner!

    Love to Learn

  4. So Cute! Your kids are writing so well! Thanks for sharing!
    Can't wait to read about your rainbow adventures!

  5. I am going to the New England conference! I would love to meet up! I am a "new" teacher to first grade and am so excited for your center session:) I made a new year's resolution to start a blog.. I started it, have it all set but haven't posted anything.... Argh!!! Love all your products and advice:)


  6. I wish I could go to the conference. I can't get away in April. Donna Whyte is fabulous too. She came to Columbus years ago to present her "Smartie Writing" which I still use. Have a safe and fun trip.

  7. Such cute St. Patrick's Day ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. D's Firsties

  8. SOOO cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Hi, my name is Petertos, and I'm a professional leprechaun hunter. I catch leprechauns, although it is not an easy job! Your traps seem so good, but my experience is that these home made traps don't usually help much in chatching them, because they are so elusive and clever. I can give you some resources on how to truly catch a leprechaun. You can watch this Youtube video or visit my Website to find some funny animated leprechaun GIFs. I hope this helps, Petertos



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