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Dinosaurs,a Freebie and Instagram, Oh, my!!!

Woot!  Woot!  I LOVE our Dinosaur unit.  We started our unit last week.  Here are a few pictures of some of the things we do during this unit.

 We start with a HUGE paper mache egg.

I give clues about what's inside and the kids make inferences.

Student inference sheet.

RAWR!!!!!!  While they are at specials a Tyrannosaurus Rex hatches!

Schema chart in progress...

One of our chit chat morning messages.

Student journal entries.
 The Earth during dinosaur times.

The Earth now.
Seven continents

To view my dinosaur unit on TPT click on the cover.

Click on the cover below to download a free emergent reader.
This is one of their favorite poems.
Clipart compliments of DJ Inkers

You can follow me on Instagram by clicking on the picture below.  (Note:  I'm just getting started!)

Mother's Day Gift Book

We are getting ready to start working on our Mother's Day gift books and I wanted to share some of the pages from  last year with you.
So STINKIN'  Cute!  Seriously! I loved their pictures and writing and their mommies  loved them too!  This is such a simple gift to make but it is a keepsake that the mommies will want to keep forever.  

When my mom is driving she yells at people.

I love the speech bubble!  GO PEOPLE!

When my mom is driving she smokes a cigarette.

(wow!  that is one big cigarette!)

When my mom is driving she talks on the telephone.

When my mom is driving she listens to the radio.

To relax my mom likes to lay on the trampoline.

To relax my mom likes to lay out in the sun and tan.

(love the bikini!)  Note to self:  Start working out.  Seriously!
Put down the Sonic coke and work out!!!

To relax my mom likes to take a bubble bath.

To relax my mom likes to lay down in the bed.

Lucy's drawing of her mom for the cover.  LOVE it!

The packet also includes a Grandma version for the little ones who live with a grandparent instead.

Click on the pictures below to view the packets.

There is also a Dad/Grandpa version if you want to get a head start on your Father's Day gifts.  

Frog Frenzy Part TWO

The kids have been having so much fun learning about frogs this week.
We have been singing this fun song about Metamorphosis.
We have it in our pocket chart and the littles were thrilled to have their own emergent
reader of the poem to color and take home.

A HUGE thank you to my sweet friend,  Deedee Wills!  I was working on my frog unit 
and I was stuck on the poem.   I called her on the phone and she came through for me.
Thank you,  Deedee!!!  

This unit has a lot of fun games that we've been playing this week.
This game is called,  Munching Flies.  The kids roll the game dice to create subtraction sentences.
We used black beans for the flies.

This game is called,  Frog Warts!
The kids lay out their fly cards in numerical order.
Then, they pick a frog card from the basket, count the warts and 
match it to a fly card to make a sum of 10.  
NOTE:  ALL of the games have First Grade versions included as well.
For first grade the object of the game is to make sums of 20.

This game is a literacy center game.
The littles spin the spinner, say the blend and then cover a picture that starts with that blend.
The first one to get Five in a Row is the winner.

Leap Frog!
The kids each turn over a card.  They compare the cards and the student with the largest number
gets to move their frog to the next lily pad.  The first one to get their froggy to the last lily pad wins.

This game has LOTS of different versions for both Kindergarten and First Grade.
It has tens and ones cards to compare (as shown),  number cards,  addition cards for solving and then comparing the sums to find the greatest number,  subtraction cards for solving and then comparing the differences to find the greatest number.  

 Click on the picture below to view the unit.
It's on sale until midnight tonight.  

Frog Frenzy! Part one

We started working on my new Frog Frenzy nonfiction unit.  
We made these cutie patootie frogs and wrote an opinion piece on the tummy.

I think frogs are cool because they can catch their food with their tongue.

I think frogs are gross because they could scare me.

I think frogs are creepy because they are slimy.  

We are writing a nonfiction book about frogs.

We learned that frogs live on every continent except Antarctica.  
We colored a map of the seven continents and glued frogs on the map to show where they live.

You can check out my unit by clicking on the picture below.  It is on sale for 20% off until Wednesday.  :)

Insects Eric Carle style!

We read Eric Carle's series of insect books and then we made our own Eric Carle inspired insects.

This is what we started with.  The papers were made by painting with bubble wrap, sponges,  circle paint brushes and those soft body wash thingies.  (not the technical term...but shoot!  I can't remember what they're called.  You can buy them at the Dollar Tree and then come on a little rope. )

I LOVE how the kids know how to use squares, rectangles and their creativity to turn the shapes into masterpieces!  Tomorrow is Friday, y'all!  


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