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Ants in my Pants and a FREEBIE!

We learned some cool facts about ants....

and played a fun Ants in My pants game to help us practice our addition facts.

 This is a SUPER easy game that my littles love to play.

To play: You need a 12 sided die and each child needs a regular dot die. 

One child rolls the 12 sided die to determine the sum they are looking for.
Then,  each child rolls their dot die.  The kids analyze the dice and on their white boards they record how many ways they can make the sum of 12 using the numbers on the dice they rolled.
For example,  a 12 is rolled on the die above.
So the kids roll their dice and roll a  4,  5,  3,  2,  5

They analyze the dice and record  their addition sentences.

Hint:  You can make this game easier by using a regular dot die instead of the 12 sided die.

Here is the Chit Chat message that we did yesterday.
Click on the image to download a copy.
I also include a black and white version if that's your preference.  :)

Make sure you give your littles the opportunity to turn and "chit chat" with a partner to answer the question at the end.  



  1. Those 12 sided dice are pretty awesome! I noticed you also have a new blog design well, new to me anyways. Who did it? It looks great?

  2. My students really like the ants in the pants game. I just posted about your compound eye activity.

    When I tried to access the chit-chat freebie, it says I do not have access.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  3. So I checked my mail at school today and you were in the SDE conference pack- I was all like (I know her)- but in my head:)
    (Love the guy who is thinking so hard)

  4. LOVE it! Can't wait until it warms up and we can go look for ants. I so want to "steal" your lesson plans!


  5. Love your bug unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Almost* as much as I love you! ;)

  6. I love the dice (die?) game. I am going to try that tomorrow. I tried to access your chit chat message, but it told me I did not have permission. Thanks for the ideas!

  7. I love the ants in the pants game! My kids are really struggling with addition this year so I am trying to give them constant practice. They will love this!

    My KinderGarden

  8. This looks awesome!! Have you heard of the song "Ants in your pants"? My first graders LOVE it. I hope you can use it!

    A Day in First Grade

  9. LOVE the dice game! We are working on addition now and this will keep their wheels turning coming up with these different combinations. THanks for a quick and easy way to make adding FUN!

  10. What are your students using for white boards???? They look like some kind of cool dollar store plate:)

    1. They are plates from the dollar store. Super cheap! :)

  11. where can I get your Ants in My pants activity...I looked in your teachers pay teachers store and can't find it....

    1. It is in my Insect unit. :)
      Here's the link.



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