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Frog Frenzy! Part one

We started working on my new Frog Frenzy nonfiction unit.  
We made these cutie patootie frogs and wrote an opinion piece on the tummy.

I think frogs are cool because they can catch their food with their tongue.

I think frogs are gross because they could scare me.

I think frogs are creepy because they are slimy.  

We are writing a nonfiction book about frogs.

We learned that frogs live on every continent except Antarctica.  
We colored a map of the seven continents and glued frogs on the map to show where they live.

You can check out my unit by clicking on the picture below.  It is on sale for 20% off until Wednesday.  :)


  1. Oh, we love frogs. We have been to some really cool exhibits about frogs. I am hosting a linky: you can link up anything about 1 dollar. Either your favorite thing you buy for a dollar, something you are selling for a dollar, or something you found for a dollar--electronic or physical. So come on over!

  2. Deanna - your frogs are precious! I love how you are sneaking in non fiction with the common core and making it super fun and engaging for your kiddos!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. I love these frogs- and love that idea for getting in nonfiction writing. I made a Frog and Toad Prezi that I use on my Smartboard, to go with the "Frog and Toad" books, but also for the nonfiction and Science part of studying frogs and toads! It is free at my TPT store right here if you'd like to check it out! I also started a blog ( a baby blog so far! :) I'd love you to hop over!
    Thanks for the adorable frogs!
    Carolyn Kisloski

  4. I just purchased your frog unit for the 2 little boys I homeschool preschool. They are pretty advanced little kiddoes. I love the unit and know they will, too. I was just wondering if you could post a list of good books to go along with the unit. I also have your insect unit and having that list of books was extremely helpful. Thanks. I love your work!!!!

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