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Insects Eric Carle style!

We read Eric Carle's series of insect books and then we made our own Eric Carle inspired insects.

This is what we started with.  The papers were made by painting with bubble wrap, sponges,  circle paint brushes and those soft body wash thingies.  (not the technical term...but shoot!  I can't remember what they're called.  You can buy them at the Dollar Tree and then come on a little rope. )

I LOVE how the kids know how to use squares, rectangles and their creativity to turn the shapes into masterpieces!  Tomorrow is Friday, y'all!  


  1. Love the art project Deanna!
    You can never go wrong with Eric Carle!

  2. So cute Deanna! I'm pinning this for future reference the next time I do an Eric Carle author study! :) Thanks for sharing the adorable pics!

    Cheers To School

  3. We do this same activity with our insect unit every year! I've never done the bubble wrap painting though...gonna have to try that!

  4. So cute- we're getting ready to do Eric Carle soon and I can't wait to try this. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. Karla

  5. I love the texture painting! I want to try this...maybe using combs, toothbrushes or cardboard for a combed stripe-y look. I love the use of shapes (and symmetry too). Shower poofs (is that the technical term?) would be great too. LOVE it LOVE it!

    Terri Izatt

  6. How fun! Definitely going to use this idea with my first graders. They will love it. I call them "poofs" but I always think that is a weird word for them. Never thought of this use for them! Thanks for this idea!

  7. We call them "poufs" or "loofahs"!
    As one who teaches k-2 with a visual arts focus, I appreciate how you've incorporated textures into your art / literature combo!
    Super idea!
    Susanna Westby
    Whimsy Workshop

  8. Deanna, your stuff is always so awesome! You rock! I am hosting a giveaway I hope you will head over to learn more.
    Stephie McCumbee

  9. These are just beautiful, I love integrating Art and Literacy.


  10. Congrats on posting every day last week - you met your goal! I'm not sure I would be able to fit all that into one week. Looking at all you've accomplished I think it might take me at least 2-3 weeks.
    I already have the unit and can't wait to start it - just way to cold here in Canada still!
    I would love for you to pop over and visit my new blogspot.


  11. Hi!
    I love all of your products and your posts. This is such a fun and helpful blog. I just made an Eric Carle Prezi to use with my Eric Carle unit coming up. It is on my TPT store and has 20 books featured and lots of ideas, in case you are interested. I love studying him because it is art, literacy, and science! Thanks for all your ideas!


  12. I will need to do this with my kiddos for our insect unit! You are awesome! :)

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  14. Just a quick hello from your newest follower! I LOVE this idea and will have to remember it. Eric Carle is the best!



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