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The Three Billy Goats Gruff

School is out for the Summer!  Woot!  Woot!  I am really looking forward to not having to set the alarm for awhile.  :)  I have several conferences to get ready for (HINT: Big giveaway coming soon!  Vegas anyone?)  but I also plan to spend a little bit of time floating in the pool and playing with these little sweeties.

Anywhoo....  Here's how we spent our last week of school.  We had lots of fun reading different versions of The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Here are our favorites!

We learned a fun Troll song and then we made inferences about it.  (excuse the blurry pictures..GRRRR!)

We drew our own billy goats.  

Problem and Solution for the Three Billy Goats Fluff.  

Troll Poems  (we used adjectives to fill in the poems)

Persuasive writing  (No you don't need to have your eyes checked. 
This picture is blurry too).  WANTED:  Photographer
This chick is not a good picture taker.   Obviously! :)

Building Bridges
We looked at pictures of bridges online and paid attention to the different shapes and patterns we saw.  Then the kids planned out their bridge and made it without any direction from me.
They all turned out different and I loves listening to them talk about why they were building their bridges a certain way.  

 Troll Glyphs

You can click on the image below to view the unit on TPT.
The unit is on sale until Monday evening.

 If you haven't commented on the Shabby Apple giveaway it isn't too late!  The winner will be drawn tomorrow night.


  1. Oh my those girls are just so stink in' cute! Happy summer - we still have 10 days

  2. Thanks for the inspiration!! Love your ideas!!

  3. I love that troll glyph, the bridge and that cute letter asking the trolls to be nice! As usual, your stuff is amazing!

    And I'm curious about your mentioning of Vegas?!? I met you there last summer and hope to go again!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  4. Ha! I love the picture where the troll is described as "warty." Super cute! Happy summer vacation. I bet the students had a blast building those bridges. 'Trusty Troll Construction'... very clever Deanna!

    Mystery Foldables Video
    Sprinkle Teaching Magic Blog
    May Favorites

  5. Happy summer vacation!! This is such a cute little unit! I will definitely be purchasing in the future!

  6. Wow,Deanna strikes again!This is cute and what a nice way to review many of the years skills.
    Going to put this in my basket now!

  7. I love the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We spent last week reading different versions of The Three Little Pigs!

    My Kinder-Garden

  8. I love your Three Billy Goats Gruff. It is a great bundle of activities and kids absolutely adore that story. My students enjoy reading with different voices for each goat and the troll (They "might" get that from me - lol). Enjoy your vacation!

  9. oh how beautiful is their writing with such thought and emotion! I really miss working with primary school students! Year 8-12's seem to have lost their 'care factor' by the time they get to me and it takes the year to get them back; then I have to hand them over already!

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  10. This unit is just to cute. I defiantly need this for next year. Love your units and activities.

  11. Deanna,
    I am interested in purchasing your "cool cat" unit. I realize that the "cool cat" publishing company has been giving some teachers a hard time. I can paypal you directly.
    I was just asked to do a K-1 summer school program and I am scrambling, as I am a math resource teacher.
    Thanks so much,



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