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Christmas in July Sale!

2nd Grade Shenanigans

My friend, Hope King is hosting a Twelve Days of Christmas in July sale and I was supposed to participate but I've been so busy moving to Florida and getting ready for I Teach K! in Vegas that I haven't had time to post anything.  So sad!!!   So I decided to just put my whole darn store on sale today and tomorrow.  So if you've had your eye on something now is the time to grab it!  ;)  My store is 20% off until midnight tomorrow.  I hope to see y'all in VEGAS!!!  

Click on the pic to go to my store.

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  1. Thank you, Thank you! I've had my eye on your Writing through the Year Units for a while.

    Tracie Penn

  2. Thanks Deanna,headed to get the last of the writer's workshop units. I can't wait to use them next year. These are so easy to use and helped to keep me on track.

  3. Love your blog! Please check us out and enter for a chance to win a $5 Target Mobile Gift Card!


    Our K Crew Rocks

  4. Oh Deanna!
    It's going to be your fault that I am spending money! Ha ha! I think if there was a "teacher Garden of Eden", we would be temped by your products! Enough of this drivel! I am off to shop at Deanna's! Whoot! Whoot! I LOVE your store!

  5. Where in FL are you moving? My school has some openings!

  6. You are moving? WOW! I hope you will be close to a beach. Good luck on your move!

  7. Yes, I am curious where you are moving in Florida too... since we live in Florida as well!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.



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