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Classroom Digs - a tour of my previous classrooms

This was my  classroom from last year and it is teeny tiny!  It is a 25x25 square but I think it turned out really cute!

Below is a close up view of some of the library bins.  You can see the library in the back of my room in the picture above.  It is located under the cubbies.  

In this picture the smart board isn't hooked up yet.  :(

and here's my previous classroom......

I always get asked about how to make the palm trees.  The pictures and directions can be found HERE



  1. Absolutely perfect room set-up for such a small space. I am in a bungalow, this year, and was in there last year, too. I love the air, when it's hot, but I miss windows and the bigger space. You really did a great job! I need to re-think what I am going to do because I need to get started. I start Sept. 4th with kids :) Thanks for always sharing it really helps and inspires!

  2. Your classrooms were absolutely fabulous! I love the loft you had in the second set of classroom cool to have that! I have a small nook that no other classrooms have and it makes the room feel special. I love reading your blog!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!

  3. You really worked some magic on 25x25 classroom! I am jealous that you have tables!! I begged for tables this year to help me save on space!


  4. You made that classroom look so much bigger! I love your Dr. Seuss posters. :)

    What Happens in First Grade

  5. Love your must be nice to not have 30 kids!

  6. What I'd have given for 25X25 last year! My room was about 19X14, with 14 1st AND 2nd graders, multiage classroom.. We couldn't even fit a rug on our floor because the desks and kidney table took up too much space! You did a beautiful job with your space! Love it!

  7. Love your classroom :) Where did you buy the mailboxes?

  8. Oh my - foaming at each and every room! They are beautiful! Deana, where did you get the Dr. Seuss book cover pictures and the other Dr. Seuss things? Did you paint them? You are my idol! LOL

  9. Loving your room! Especially the palm tree! I need to learn how to make one!

    For the Love of Fourth Grade

  10. You are so good at maximizing room space Deanna! Thanks for sharing your room with us.

    :) Shelley

    The Perks of Teaching Primary

  11. I would probably get lost in a 25x25 room! I have 15x17 with 22 firsties! (Very few bathroom breaks as kids have to ask 2-3 others to get out of their seat and let them out to do so!) Crazy! They sure do learn how to get along and 'live' with each other in tight spaces though! Thanks for the neat pictures!

  12. Wonderful room, I love how organized you are and how all of the elements makes for an exciting yet comfortable room for the kids!



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