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Meet the Teacher Monday: 10 Fun Things About Me!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin'   for their fun Teacher Week Topics!

So...Here we go!  WARNING:  This may include more information about me than you ever wanted to know! :)

#1  I am married to my BEST FRIEND.  A lot of people use that term but for us it really does apply.  We were best friends for 3 years before we got married.  My friends kept telling me that I was going to marry him someday to which I replied, 
 "No WAY!  He is just a friend!"   In fact, he was engaged to someone else.  :)
We've been married for well over two decades and I am still madly in LOVE with my best friend.


#2  I have 3 beautiful children and 2 ADORABLE granddaughters.  
My daughter, Britni is having a precious baby boy in October and we are so EXCITED!

My M&M's
Madison and Mackenzie

My daughter, Taylor is getting married in September to Nick.
We LOVE him so we couldn't be happier.  

My son, Hunter starts college in two weeks.  
Grab your babies because time goes so fast! :(

# 3, 4, 5  My Three Favorite Movies of ALL time are:

Forrest Gump- I've watched this movie at least 20 times and I still bawl like a baby at the end when he is standing at Jenny's grave talking to her.  It gets me Every single time!  There are so many great quotes from this movie.  But my favorite is,   Stupid is as Stupid does.

My Best Friend's Wedding- favorite quote-  "If you love someone , you say it right then, out loud.  Otherwise the moment just passes you by."

This quote always makes me think of my sweet man and how lucky I am to be married to him.  I am so thankful that I had the courage to say it right then.  Out loud...  and the best part is he said it right back!  

Sweet Home Alabama-  Oh, my word!  I LOVE this movie.  This movie makes me laugh and cry until I hurt.
My favorite quote-  "You can't ride two horses with one ass, Sugarbean."

#6,7,8  Music!  I LOVE Music!  
My three favorite songs are:


ANY song by Bon Jovi is a favorite!!!

#9 I've had some pretty cool things happen this year!  If someone had told me two years ago that I would be on CNN and  CBS This Morning I would have told them they were CRAZY!  
It is still hard to believe that it happened.  BUT it did!  As teachers we always deal with so much negativity in the press so it was great to be able to be a part of some positive publicity.  {Although some people still tried to put a negative spin on it.  Some of the comments were Ridiculous!}

#10  I can't leave out the most important part of my life.  So I have to end with this.  I serve an AMAZING God and I truly believe that HE is the reason for my success.  I was having a really tough time financially and He answered my prayers.  He showed me a way to help myself and in that He also gave me the means in which I could also help others.  If you are struggling... Pray!  God DOES answer prayers.  Maybe not always the way we want Him to but He does answer.   Remember... God sometimes answers our prayers through others, and sometimes we are the ones He puts in other people's lives to help them through a rough time.  It may be that they are lifelong friends or it may be someone we meet for only an instant.  I hope that if given the opportunity you will open yourself up and BE the ANSWER to Someone else's prayers.  It is up to each one of us to help make the world a better place!  

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin'   for their fun Teacher Week Topics!

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  1. loved them all Deanna, especially #10...sweet friend. ~molly

  2. I LOVE Sweet Home Alabama! Everytime its on I have to watch it!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  3. Love you sweet friend! So glad you let your light shine for Jesus!!

  4. I love that you give all of the glory back to God. He is the reason we are ALL blessed! You keep doin' your thing and enjoy the ride! You deserve it!!!

    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  5. I love number 10 the most. I truly believe with him all things are possible. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh Deanna! I just love Third Day's "Cry Out the Jesus". I feel like it's the anthem of my life right now! That song makes me feel so vulnerable and open to the One who provides the love and peace needed in situations like this! My favorite quote I've heard lately is "When you pray, God either says yes, no, or wait. When he says wait, it's because he has something better!" I whole heartedly believe that. The best is yet to come :) Prayers are answered, but only in God's timing! Thank you for your sweet post, it was very encouraging this morning!

    Flying High in First Grade

  7. So fun to get to know you better. I am off to find some pictures of my own to share. You are an inspiration in every sense of the word!

    Terri Izatt

  8. I love #10- so true and so refreshing & encouraging to read! :) Hope you have a fabulous school year, Deanna!

    Miss Augustine's Kindergarten

  9. It was so much fun to get to "know" you better. You are truly an inspiration to so many- who you are and how you live your life. Thanks for sharing! Sweet Home Alabama and Forrest Gump are timeless! :)Congratulations on a grandson and a wedding! WOW- busy year ahead! Have a wonderful year!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  10. I always love to see people thank the one who is TRULY responsible for making things happen in our lives. He is AMAZING and I appreciate you for spreading the blessings he has given you both in your work and your words. God bless!

  11. I always love to see people thank the one who is TRULY responsible for making things happen in our lives. He is AMAZING and I appreciate you for spreading the blessings he has given you both in your work and your words. God bless!

  12. Too Cute! You do not look old enough to have Grandkids! Congratulations to all your success! I married my best friend too, just this past July, and I started my new blog (still learning), have a beautiful sassy little girl, and we are hoping for another soon!

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  13. Deanna you have a beautiful family! I know that much of your press has been about the money but I really appreciate your positive attitude and creativity that you are always sharing. Thank you :)

    Hedrich’s Hive

  14. Those two little "M&M's" are the cutest ever! I still can't believe you're a grandmother, you're far too young! Of course I love your #10!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  15. You are the sweetest person! Your kids & grandkids are adorable! I am married to my very best friend too, we were high school sweethearts. I taught 2 of Jon Bon Jovi's kids- Stephanie Rose & Jesse James, they were such sweet kids. Everyone calls his house (here in NJ) Versailles on the river - it is ginormous! It's fun getting to know you better!

    Science for Kids Blog

  16. Love you, sweet friend!!!!!! XXOO

  17. <3 you Deanna! I love Sweet Home Alabama, too. Your grandbabies are adorable!!

  18. God is good! Thank you for being such an amazing example for all of us. You have a beautiful family. My oldest son is a senior this year and I am going to treasure every moment of every football game!
    Have a super year!!

  19. I love you soooo much!!!!!!!!
    God is so good!!!

    P.S. I'm *slightly* disappointed you didn't post a picture of your overall obsession.

  20. Dear Deanna,
    I really enjoyed reading your post! Congratulations on your new grandbaby that is on the way! Grandkids are awesome!

  21. great post! I really appreciate your statement of faith and prayer. What a great witness.

  22. You are so sweet and I love the part about prayers! You have such a kind heart and I'm so proud to call you a friend!

  23. You are so SWEET and inspirational! I just love your heart for Jesus. Thanks for letting it shine. :)

  24. You are an amazing woman, Deanna! :)

  25. Your success shows us all that you can have what you need if you pray for it and take the steps to get there! Your story is so amazing and inspiring to me. I just started blogging and plan to start my own TpT store this year, and you're one of the reasons why. Thanks for sharing!

    Tacky the Teacher

  26. Thank you Deanna for your words. It is inspiring to see someone who struggled financially and found a way to overcome their obstacles. You are an inspiration to me. The past year and a half has been some of the hardest moments in my life. After my husband lost his job I knew I had to find a way to supplement our income. Teachers Pay Teachers was also the answer for me. I stared last October, and now have some extra grocery money! I am hoping to continue my Teachers Pay Teachers journey and follow your superior example! Thank you.




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