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Gingerbread BUNDLE!

I'm bundling two of my best sellers into one cost saving bundle!  
Click on the images below to see the bundle.

Here are some of the pictures from the Gingerbread unit.

In December we read different versions of the Gingerbread Man and discussed the similarities and differences in the stories.  This is one of the anchor charts we made.

After reading the first story I asked them what the Gingerbread Man could have done differently.  They came up with some really good answers.  Some examples were, "He could have ran around the river,"  "He could have ran back the way he came and went under their legs."  and "He should have just swam across the river by himself!"   The last answer is the one I always hope one of the Kindies will say because it leads right into our Science Experiment.  The kids make a hypothesis about what they think would have happened to the Gingerbread Man if he had swam across by himself.  Then, we put a gman cookie in a little tub of water to observe and record what happens.   (I forgot to take a picture).  I've included a recording sheet in the unit to use with this experiment.  

Gingerbread Man Pie Chart

 We took a bite of our gingerbread man cookie and made a pie graph to show which part we bit first.
The directions, recording sheets and colorful words are included in my Gingerbread Man packet which can be found here.

Gingerbread Man Literature and Math Journal

In our response journals we drew pictures and wrote about the ending of the stories.

This is one of our Math Word problems.  I read the problem to the kids and then they have a go at it.  Afterwards, we work the problem together and discuss all of the different strategies that they used to solve the problem. 
It says,  I made six cookies.  I want to share them with two of my friends.  How can we share them equally? 

This shows one of the charts.  Some of the kids counted by 1's, some counted by 3's and some of them counted on from 3 to solve the problem.

 This is one of our Literacy centers.  We sorted gingerbread man cookies into the cookie jars based on the number of syllables.  Then, they made a syllable flip book to record their learning.

This is an emergent reader I wrote for our unit.  Our focus words are he, she.  The girls wrote the word she and the boys wrote the word he.  This isn't included in my Gingerbread Man unit because I used Djinkers clipart.  But I've included it here as a free download.

We have been working on the Chunky Monkey strategy to help us when we are reading unknown words.  We circled all of the popcorn words that we found in the Gingerbread book and we underlined all of the chunks that we know.

 These are our Gingerbread glyphs.  Aren't they cute?  I love activities that incorporate reading, math AND fun!  The kids cut all of their own pieces so they all turn out unique.  

This is the book that goes along with the glyph.  

If you purchased my Gingerbread Unit before I added all of these extra goodies then you want to head back over and grab the extra pages.  I added the glyph book and all of the directions to the packet.  

My original intent for this Bubble Map was for it to be about the cookie we just ate.  So the chart was originally titled Gingerbread Bubble Map.   As we were brainstorming adjectives to describe the cookie one of my little smarties said, "trusting."  When I asked her to explain her answer she said, "Well he was way too trusting.  He shouldn't have trusted the fox because he has sharp teeth and crazy eyes."  Oh. my word y'all!  Isn't that smart?

I just love when the unexpected happens.  So this of course was the perfect time to teach them about using a carrot when you need to insert information.  Thus, the rather messy looking chart below where I had to use a carrot to add the word Man to the chart.  After that discussion another child said, "Yeah, he was so foolish!"  I die.  :)
Grab my Gingerbread Man Bundle HERE
The bundle includes everything you need to teach a one to two week unit on The Gingerbread Man PLUS Six Math & Literacy Centers!


  1. A gorgeous unit. We don't really do gingerbread men and turkeys in a big way in Australia but I am inspired to change that! I like the idea of comparing the different versions a of the story and my kinders are at a perfect stage (end of Kindy in Australia) to really get a lot from this idea.
    With thanks
    Julie :)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. I love the little cookies in the jar! Super cute! :)

  3. Awesome!! I'm really enjoying checking out your blog site!! Such great ideas!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I did this with my kids last year!! They absolutely loved it! The unit is so much fun for the kids to learn and also for us to teach!! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. :)




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