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Bump & Jump Numbers and Update on Nonfiction Interactive Journal (FREEBIE)

Okay,  so I've got some good news and some bad news!
The good news is that Mel and I posted the Numbers 1-50 Bump & Jump games yesterday and they are on SALE!  The other good news is that we posted an ABC Freebie of the games and you can get it HERE

I've also finished up the Nonfiction Reading Journal and I'd love to give you some freebies.

You can click on the cover to view the unit on TPT.

I put two on a page to save on copying.  Just click on the image to download it.

If you missed out on my Interactive Journal for the Literature Standards you can view it by clicking on the image below.  It has MANY different journal activities for EACH & EVERY Common Core Standard.
I included the I Can statements on most of the journal activities as well.
Don't teach Common Core?  No problem!!!  I didn't put the standard number on them. 
 Just the I Can statement which works for everyone.  

I also have both of the units in a money saving bundle.
You can click HERE to view it on TPT.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! Thanks so much for creating such awesome resources, love when learning is fun fun fun!

  2. My kids have been loving the alphabet bump and jump. Thanks so much!

    The Math Maniac

  3. I love your fiction interactive unit- I'm so excited that you are making a nonfiction unit as well. :-)

  4. Love the nonfiction freebie- can't wait for the unit! I have the literature unit and it's fantastic:-)

  5. Waiting patiently..hee hee :) I have and love the fiction interactive unit! Thanks for the freebie Deanna! This is perfect for my firsties:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  6. OOOO!! I am very excited for the finished product!! I have the fiction unit and absolutely LOVE it! How useful!! Can't wait for the nonfiction unit!! THANKS!

    The Land of I Can



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