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Dr. King Throwback Post

Happy Dr. King Day!  This is a throw back post from last year to share with you some of the things we did to celebrate the contributions of Dr. King.

On Friday we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
To start the lesson I read the book from Rachelle Smith's unit.
We discussed what it would have been like to live in a time when people were treated so unfairly.
Then,  I passed around a brown egg and a white egg.  We discussed what we noticed about the outside of the eggs.  What were the differences?  Similarities? (Note: the egg lesson isn't part of Rachelle's unit).

Next, we cracked open the eggs and examined them.
We found out that even though the eggs looked a little different on the outside 
they were exactly the same on the inside.

We used this lesson to talk about the importance of treating each other fairly.
It doesn't matter how someone looks on the outside.  What matters is what is on the inside. 

We used the writing templates from Rachelle's unit to record some important information about Dr. King.

We had fun completing her word search that included some important vocabulary words.

We watched a You Tube video of Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech.

The kids wrote about their dream to make the world a better place.

I have a dream.... that people would love God.

I have a dream.... that everybody would get along.  

{I LOVE the BFF's in the speech bubbles ;) }

 I have a dream.... that everybody was rich.

I have a dream...that the people will not go hungry.

This one doesn't really make the world a better place but it is just too cute!

I have a dream.... that I would have a baby sister.

Thank you, Dr. King for your courage and determination to help make our world a place where all people are treated equally.


  1. Thank you for the shout out!!!! LOVE YOU!

  2. love the idea of using brown and white eggs to discuss racism. I will try that this week!



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