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Sneezy the Snowman unit and Freebie

Sneezy the Snowman is one of my favorite books!  If you don't already own it you will want to purchase it now before it goes out of print.  Currently the paperback version is listed for over $200.  That is SO crazy!  I love the book but,,,,, seriously!  Who on earth would spend $200.  for a paperback version?  Geesh!!

UPDATE:  Some sweet readers just let me know that the book is available in paperback on for less than $5.00.  Get on it!  :) While it is available.  Did I mention that $200 for a book  is RIDICULOUS? Here's the LINK

After reading the book the Littles drew and wrote about Sneezy's bad choices.  

We made a class book about things a snowman shouldn't do.

Drive a car.  No license.  

We wrote about our text to self connections.

We learned about when you should use the words this and these.  We made a book about it by 
putting the mixed up sentences in order and gluing down the picture that goes with the sentence.

We read and colored an emergent reader about Sneezy's things.

We played a fun math game to determine which type of snowman we would make.

These are our snowmen and completed graphs.

We also played a comparing numbers game

This unit is packed full of fun activities and games.  Click below to view it on TPT.
Note: ONLY a few of the activities in this unit require the book.  The rest are stand alone activities.        
 So even if you don't have the book you can still enjoy the fun!

You can click on the cover page to view the unit on TPT.  

The Littles LOVE word searches.  So here's a Freebie for you!

Click on the image to download it.  


  1. Deanna- I love all your products. I learned about this book a few years ago and it is one of my favorites! I love that I have some more great ideas and experiences for my Kinders to go along with this great story! Since I prepared a lot of the center activities last year, all I had to do that last week before break was pull them out and voila - we are ready! Thank you for all your work and all you do to help so many others be successful teachers!

  2. I love the ideas that go along with this book...but don't own the book :0(
    When I looked it up on Amazon...I noticed that there is a Kindle version for only $3.99.
    I downloaded it on my iPad and can use it with the projector. Much cheaper than a $200 paperback! Yay!
    Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

  3. YIKES! Glad I bought the book and your unit last year. My kiddos absolutely loved the book and brought so many text to self connections.

  4. I have to get that book! What a cute story. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Thank you for the awesome resources! How long would it typically take your class to complete this unit?

  6. This book is available on the Scholastic site for $4.46. You might want to let your readers know because I'm sure they will want the book and your unit!!

  7. Love it! Just ordered the book from Scholastic!!!

  8. I get a lot of "out of print" books from

  9. Looks like a great book! I tried ordering from Scholastic but they only ship within the US (not Canada) - boo! I tried Canadian bookstores online...and you are right! Looks like I will have to dish out A LOT more money! Do you know of a read along version online I can show my kids? Thanks!

  10. Yay! This is on my wish list! Can't wait to use it in about a week with my Kinders! I love Sneezy! I bought the book with CD a few years ago from Scholastic and have loved using it with my students! I'm so glad to see a "Sneezy" unit! You are seriously just AMAZING, you know that, right?! :)

    Oceans of Kindergarten Fun!

  11. I so enjoyed reading the writing samples. Seriously, I could read them all day. I am goingto order this book. Thank you for the word search. You are dead on - my guys LOVE them! I used them with my higher students, but I am going to use this whole group to teach all them how to complete one. Thanks again!

  12. Deanna, I went right out and bought the book. Thank you for the freebie!

  13. Barnes & Noble have the hardcover for $11.40 & they offer a 20% discount to educators.
    Books a million has it for about the same price.

  14. Oh, and I love this unit! Thanks for sharing!

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  16. I'll buy this one for my students, but also for my kids. Looks like such a cute book. Thanks for the tip!!!

  17. Just bought this book on Amazon here for $8:

    Looks totally adorable! Thanks!
    Whitney :)
    The First Grade Roundup



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