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Frog Frenzy!

This is one of my favorite units.  The littles love learning all about frogs and it is a great time to do some opinion writing.  :)

We start our unit by charting our schema about frogs.

We read lots of nonfiction books about frogs and create our own book based on what we learned.

 This unit is packed with fun games for math and literacy centers.

This one is a fun subtraction game called, Munching Flies


This one is called, Frog Warts.  The students try to make sums of 10 
(I also added a sums of 20 version for first grade)
by matching the number of warts on the frogs to the numerals on the flies to make 10.

This game is called, Leap Frog
it is a comparing numbers game.  It has several sets of cards to choose from.
The students can use addition cards and compare their sums,  use place value cards and compare the numbers, or use numeral cards to compare.  One game.... lots of ways to play!

place value cards shown below.

Five in a Row center to practice blends.

This song was a class favorite!
We put all of the pieces in a pocket chart and sang the song each morning during Shared Reading.

The Littles got to color a book of the song so that they could take it home and share it with their family.

Watching tadpoles in the Science center!

I also have a companion Froggy unit on TPT.  Here's a blog post about it.

Have a great week!  I'm leaving for San Antonio tomorrow to run in a 5k.
Pray for me!  Mercy!! :)

I'll be back next week to blog more about my center stations.  


  1. I love this! My classroom is frogs and I've always wanted to do a frog unit but never gotten one put together. Where can I find the unit you showed is it on tpt?

  2. Frogs are always a fun theme for spring!

  3. Have fun in SA! That's on of my favorite cities!

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  4. Your frogs are adorable! I am always looking for engaging and creative ways to plan nonfiction units. I can't wait to use this with my kids!

  5. Just love your ideas for frog lifecycle! :) Where do you get your tadpoles. Whenever I order mine, they are so much bigger than what yours appear to be & take forever to grow into frogs. Do you or anybody else have any suggestions?




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