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End of the Year Memory Book

Need a cute idea for an end of the year memory book?

We made this super simple, cutie patootie Surfboard craftivity and writing project to display for our Pirates and Parents Open House.  They turned out so stinkin' cute!
The memory book is cute enough on its own but the surfboard makes it extra cute!

close up of the cute toes

cover page of the book

This year I learned how to....

be a kid that is smart.

speak like a pirate.

read to my teacher.

These are my friends.
We like to...

play hide and seek.   
(Notice that Maci is it!  I love the details in this illustration). 

play on the monkey bars.

This is what my teachers look like.
My teachers are...


 so sweet.

the best teachers in the world.

My favorite thing I learned about this year is...

I learned that if you don't cook it right you will get killed by it.

(My word this one cracked me up!!!  When we were learning about sharks we read that more people get killed by pigs than sharks.  We scratched our heads and said, "HUH?"  so of course we had to google it and find out.  We found out that more people die from eating pork that wasn't cooked properly than from a shark attack.  OH!  Why didn't the book just say that!  We were picturing Pigs that attack!  :)

I learned that they roll in the mud to cool off.

A Bonus section of writing templates are also included :
START in August or September next year compiling a monthly writing sample!!!
This packet also includes a monthly writing sample if you want to use these surfing books to show your kid's writing growth as they surfed through the year!  

Note:  The packet has two versions for the teacher page.  Teachers (for classrooms that have a teacher and a parapro) and Teacher (for classrooms that only have one poor teacher who has to do everything on her own!)

If you are interested in this activity you can view it here.


  1. I just bought this the other day!!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. I love the crazy part about the ferocious pigs! That's how today's rumors get their start. Someday soon, you'll hear someone say "But I read it on the internet..."! :)
    Also love the idea about jazzing up Open House by calling it Pirates and Parents ... so clever!



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